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  1. alers22

    10 Gallon batch dilemma

    My BIAB setup utilizes a 15 gallon keggle. I need to brew a 10 gallon batch of a Flanders Red for a barrel project. The problem is that the mash volume is at 17.25 gallons according to BeerSmith. I thought about splitting the mash into (2) 60 minute sessions then combining the wort for the...
  2. alers22

    Coffee Vanilla Cream Ale Recipe Advice

    I'm looking for some input on a recipe I want to try. My base recipe is the Weed, Feed and Mow (Cream Ale) from Brewing Classic Styles but I want to replace the flaked rice/corn and corn sugar with flaked oats. My hope is that by adding the oats I will end up with more body and a better base...
  3. alers22

    Tripel or Scottish Ale with Coffee

    Has anyone brewed a Tripel or Scottish Ale with coffee? Our homebrew club is having a competition on Learn to Homebrew Day and the only stipulation is that you use coffee. Extra points for non-porters and stouts. Any other successful coffee beers you have brewed which aren't stouts or...
  4. alers22

    I need help figuring out the Base Style for this beer

    I could use some help figuring out the Base Style for this recipe. Any input? 10B American Amber? For 5 gallons (19 L) 10 lb (4.54 kg) | American 6-row pale lager malt 1 lb (0.45 kg) | 20-40°L crystal/caramel malt 2 oz (56.8 g) | Williamette hops (boiling): 10 HBU 0.5 oz (14.2 g) |...
  5. alers22

    Base Style Help

    I could use some help figuring out the Base Style for this recipe. Any input? 10B American Amber? For 5 gallons (19 L) 10 lb (4.54 kg) | American 6-row pale lager malt 1 lb (0.45 kg) | 20-40°L crystal/caramel malt 7-10 lb (3.2-4.5 kg) | whole pumpkin 2 oz (56.8 g) | Williamette hops...
  6. alers22

    Manifold valve not dispensing CO2

    I have a 3-way manifold which I purchased from Keg Connection about 18 months ago. I recently discovered that only 2 of the valves are dispensing CO2 to max capacity. The third valve appears to have a clog because CO2 barely passes through the valve. I am not very experienced with this...
  7. alers22

    Conditioning Tablets to Carbonate??

    I am doing some 1 Gal test batches and would like to bottle each batch AND have it carbonated. Assuming I add campden tablets to stop the fermentation when the sweetness is where I want it, would the conditioning tablets still carb the cider in the bottles?? If not are there any suggestions...
  8. alers22

    Orange County craft beer bars?

    Any decent craft beer bars or bottle shops in Irvine or Laguna Hills CA?
  9. alers22

    Redlands CA bottle shops - Hangar 24

    Does anyone know where I can find Hangar 24 Hammerhead in Redlands? How about Irvine?
  10. alers22

    Smoked hops in beer??

    Has anyone tried smoking hops and adding them either to the boil or dry hopping? A friend of mine is really into smoked meats and we got talking about smoked hops in beer. I've never heard of it being done. I'm not even sure what style of beer this type of hopping would pair well with. I...
  11. alers22

    Help with Hop Trellis needed

    I want to install a hop trellis and need a little insight on the design. I want it to be 10' high using 4x4 lumber. Do I need to set the posts in concrete in the ground or can I use those 4x4 steel fence post hardware? The design is simple. Any insight or other problems you see would be...
  12. alers22

    San Francisco beer stops?

    Any breweries or bars besides Anchor and 21st Amendment I should see while in San Fran? I checked out the breweries on the San Fran Beer Guild web site but I am not familiar with many other than Anchor and 21st Amend. Thanks!
  13. alers22

    Lessons Learned... Don't inhale!!

    I opened my chest freezer yesterday to check on my vigorously fermenting Breakfast Stout clone. Well I leaned in too far and inhaled and I got a rush of off-gasses from the blow-off tube container. I felt like I inhaled acid and it was burning my sinuses and it really hurt like heck!! Of...
  14. alers22

    If I brewed a stout with this profile...?

    I am new to water chemistry so I am hoping someone can tell me what type of beer I can expect from using filtered, unaltered tap water. I am brewing a Founders Breakfast Stout clone. I have been tinkering with EZ Water but I am curious about the differences in tap vs. adjusted water. Here...
  15. alers22

    I partially froze my mead...can it be recovered?

    I woke up this morning to discover that my temp control probe had been removed from the chest freezer and my freezer was now acting like a real freezer... I have (3) 1 gallon batches of mead fermenting and although the majority of each jug is still liquid, ice was starting to form around the...
  16. alers22

    Richmond, VA Water Report - Can't find the Ca or Mg in water report

    Can someone identify the calcium and magnesium in this water report for Richmond, VA?. I have been trying to fill out water chemistry calculators and can't complete them without the calcium and magnesium. Maybe I am totally missing the information. Anything else I should be aware of based on...
  17. alers22

    Beer in Laguna Hills, CA?

    I am going to be in Laguna Hills, CA for a few days. Are there any decent bottle shops or brew pubs I should check out? Thanks!
  18. alers22

    Is a Belgian Quad BIAB possible?

    My homebrew club acquired a 53 gal bourbon barrel and we have decided to brew a Belgian Quad to fill it with. I am a BIAB brewer and I use a 15 gal keggle. Is it possible to brew the recipe below using the BIAB method? I know I can handle the volume but can I reach the OG? I have heard that...
  19. alers22

    Chinook or Columbus???

    The labels on my Chinook and Columbus hops have worn away and I do not remember which is which. Is there any way to figure out by aroma or sight? One definitely has a more "piney" aroma. Or should I just assign one plant to he Chinook and the other to be Columbus and move forward? I...
  20. alers22

    Hops getting too much water or something else?

    I live in Richmond, VA and over the last 3 weeks we have had quite a bit of rain to the point that I have not hand watered my hops for fear of over watering. Over the last week I have noticed that the leaves at the ground have been yellowing/browning and all of the thick foliage at the base of...