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  1. kcstrom

    Anyone know what fitting I need here?

    My previous two pull-out style faucets have had a standard 1/2" (or something like that) femail fitting on the hose that I could attach my equipment to. This last time, I just bought a faucet that looked nice and had a lifetime warranty (a Delta faucet) because I'm tired of replacing it...
  2. kcstrom

    Good Westmalle Dubbel Clone anyone?

    My wife got me some new beers for Father's Day last weekend (I awesome is she?), and I tried Westmalle Trappist Dubbel for the first time tonight. What can I! I like beer, but I never thought I would be so in love with one. :) Does anyone know of a good clone recipe for...
  3. kcstrom

    Brown ale malt?

    I was able to find Brown malt at one of my LHBS. The owner of the other store didn't even know what it was. Before finding this, I found a couple places online, and in a book "Radical Brewing" some instructions for kilning your own in your oven from an english malt.
  4. kcstrom

    Brown Ale - 90 minutes needed?

    Hi all, I'm planning on making the following beer which is an adaptation of Randy Mosher's Old Nut Case Brown Ale recipe from "Radical Brewing". In it, he says to boil 90 minutes. Ingredients: ------------ Amount Item Type % or IBU...
  5. kcstrom

    Brown ale malt?

    I've been looking at different recipes for a nut brown ale. One calls for a "brown ale malt". I'm pretty sure I've never seen that at the local homebrew store. Does such a thing exist or is it a renamed other type of malt? Also, it calls for Northdown hops (in addition to Northern Brewer)...
  6. kcstrom

    Too late for malto-dextrin

    I got it. I'm going to use the beer at bottling time, I just don't want to remove it while it's fermenting or add to it. :) Thanks for the help! kcstrom
  7. kcstrom

    Too late for malto-dextrin

    Thanks for the responses! I was pretty bummed when I realized I had forgotten it because it turned out so good the last time I made it. I might wait until bottling time as homebrewer_99 suggests so that I don't fill the carboy all the way up by adding more water (and won't dilute it any)...
  8. kcstrom

    Too late for malto-dextrin

    Hi all, I made up a 5 gallon all-grain batch of Ed Wort's famous Robust Porter ( yesterday, but I forgot to put the malto-dextrin in. Is it too late to boil it up in a bit of water and add it to the now fermenting...
  9. kcstrom

    5 Gallon main fermenter?

    I use both 5 and 6 gallon Better Bottles for primary. The 6 gallon is obviously the better choice, but for me it depends on which carboy is empty on the day that I brew. I use a blowoff tube (3/8" has worked for me fine - I just shove it down into the stopper) for both. Either way you go...
  10. kcstrom

    OK, I bought a, if I could just put it together.

    I don't know why they don't put a simple diagram in there. kcstrom
  11. kcstrom

    F.G. Hasn't moved.....

    I'm not sure how some of these items affect the gravity and attenuation (like powdered chocolate), but I think that a lot of the points you got from the darker specialty grains won't be fermentable in addition to the lactose. I doubt that you are too far off from where it won't ferment...
  12. kcstrom

    Bulk Grain Buying Tips

    If not a sticky, or perhaps in addition to it, the wiki seems like a good idea. It can be more easily searched and organized than a thread. kcstrom
  13. kcstrom

    Bulk Grain Buying Tips

    Yes! kcstrom
  14. kcstrom

    F.G. Hasn't moved.....

    Okay. I for some reason was thinking of malto-dextrine when I saw dextrine. I think you are right, the cara-pils are essentially dextrine - unfermentable sugar. I noticed that Beersmith doesn't take malto-dextrine into account. My wife if using our computer with Beersmith on it, so I can't...
  15. kcstrom

    F.G. Hasn't moved.....

    Can you post your recipe? Folks here may be better able to answer your questions if you have the recipe. I'm pretty much a noob myself having only brewed 7 batches so far, but judging by the literature and other threads around here that I read, most folks pitch 2 packages of yeast for most...
  16. kcstrom

    F.G. Hasn't moved.....

    The carapils will add some amount. I'm not sure how much at the moment (don't have time to look it up). I didn't see dextrine in your recipe, but it would definitely add. If I remember correctly, I think it is about 43 points/pound/gallon. I'd go ahead and move it to secondary for several...
  17. kcstrom

    Fly sparge Question

    Most folks, myself included, will only use enough sparge water to hit the target preboil volume when all water has drained out of the mash tun. I'm not sure how well the wort-laden water gets pushed down to the bottom of the tun, but I suppose in theory it should work to continue to use fresh...
  18. kcstrom

    F.G. Hasn't moved.....

    A lot of folks on here, myself included, follow the 1-2-3 method. 1 week primary 2 weeks secondary (if you do that, I just do 3 week primary) 3 weeks bottled 6th week - drink and see if you need to wait longer. I typically don't measure the FG until 3 weeks in the primary has passed. So you...
  19. kcstrom

    Strong apple smell

    I wondered if it might be do in part to the sandwich bag and rubber band airlock for that long of a period of time. Thanks! kcstrom
  20. kcstrom

    can you re-cap?

    +1 No need to recap if they aren't mixed and both are ready to drink. If they are mixed, it'll make choosing which beer to drink easier. :D kcstrom