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  1. WillPall

    Rough Copper Tubing

    Bought some copper tubing online recently and when I received it I noticed this: Is this going to be okay? How can I re-shinify it?
  2. WillPall

    Bayou Classic 36qt SS For Brewing

    I'm about to make the move to fully AG and stop with all this partial mash nonsense. I've already bought all the equipment I need, but have been holding off on getting a pot. I want a stainless one, from 36-42 quarts, but don't want to break my wallet. So how does this look? Bayou Classic...
  3. WillPall

    Nubian Antibiotics and our buddies Streptomyces

    Check it out:
  4. WillPall

    What should I call this?

    I brewed an IPA a while back and because of circumstances I was unable to bottle it until recently. Most of the hop aroma has turned into pure oranges and the beer tastes a bit like a fruity, hoppy, yeast liquid. So, does this still fit into any style? Should I just make something up? I want to...
  5. WillPall

    Outdoor Brewing Smell

    Alright, this may sound like a strange or idiotic question, but bear with me. I'm about to order a propane burner and a nice big pot so that I can finally go all-grain. Problem is, I live in an apartment complex that likes to call the cops for just about anything, and a visit from Mr...
  6. WillPall

    Worst Brew Ever

    Just had my worst brewing experience. The beer gods were not shining on my brewing tonight. First off, got a new thermometer and for some reason didn't realize I was looking at Celsius rather than Fahrenheit until I was done steeping my grains. Steeped at about 120F rather than 150F not too...
  7. WillPall

    Worst Cooks in America

    Okay, I know brewing is somewhat analogous to cooking, so we're probably all decent cooks here, but I don't get it. I'm watching Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network and these people are horrible. I don't even understand how someone can be so bad at some of the easiest foods ever. Oh wow...
  8. WillPall

    New Belgium Coming to Alabama?

    Just talked to one of my bar-owner friends as well as another guy around town that sells beer and wine. Apparently, one of our distributors around here will begin distributing New Belgium beers in Alabama. From what I've heard, it's down to a fight between the Coors distributors and some other...
  9. WillPall

    61 Hours and Counting

    Okay, I wouldn't say anything if I weren't so delusional. Thanks to finals, I've been up for 61 hours as of 1 am central. I'm also drunk now. Whoohoo! Anybody else have some finals that they pulled all-nighters to get through? Anybody else just drunk, haha? I know I will sleep well tonight.
  10. WillPall

    Sanitizing Priming Sugar

    Is there any way to sanitize/sterilize your priming sugar without putting it in water and boiling? Not that it's any problem, I'm just curious.
  11. WillPall

    Online Brewing Software

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a web-based brewing software suite. I've thought several times about creating one myself. There are many online recipe calculators and such, but none of them have the range of features of BeerSmith or ProMash. While I don't know if it's even...
  12. WillPall

    Iron Bowl '09

    Anybody here SEC football fans? Alabama vs. Auburn in the Iron Bowl? I'll definitely be watching the game today (unfortunately without a homebrew since I'm not at home for the holidays). Although I'm an Auburn fan, I'm afraid Alabama may end up winning this one.
  13. WillPall


    Alright, who doesn't love Pixar? Sure, all the little children yelling in the theater detracted from the movie a bit, but they were having fun. Anyway, this movie is spectacular; the art direction and 3D graphics are amazing. Has anyone else seen it yet?
  14. WillPall

    AHBS Silicone Tubing

    I recently bought some silicone tubing from Austin Homebrew and was wondering if anybody could shed some light on a couple of issues. First, I thought silicone was supposed to be almost memory-free, but when it arrived it was curled up and I can't get it to stay strait. Would soaking it in...
  15. WillPall

    LME Expiration

    I searched the forums and didn't come up with anything, so here goes: I've got about 3lbs of LME left over from what I used about 2 months ago in a recipe. It's been stored in a plastic container (read: milk jug, it's not from a can), so how long could I expect it to be good for? Is it okay...
  16. WillPall

    Is it me or is HBT under a lot of traffic?

    Anybody else notice that HBT is loading really slow, or not loading at all, tonight? Feels as if the server is under a lot of load or something. I would say that it is my computer, but other websites are loading fine.
  17. WillPall

    I still have krausen

    I've just finished fermenting my fourth beer and was about to transfer to secondary when I noticed something odd. It's been in the fermenter for almost 10 days now, and there was no airlock activity after the 4th or 5th day. I was opening the bucket to take a gravity reading before transferring...
  18. WillPall

    Wort got too cold, is it a problem?

    After reading about it and seeing other people do it, I decided to speed up my wort cooling process by freezing a couple of gallons of sterile water and then pouring my hot wort over the ice. The problem is, apparently two gallons is plenty to cool down hot wort because even after adding all the...
  19. WillPall

    Star San in a Better Bottle

    Just bought myself a Better Bottle, and I was just wanting to make sure that using Star San in it wouldn't cause any damage. I looked through the forum and didn't find anything about sanitizers on plastics. I know that Star San is an acid, but it should be safe after it's diluted right?
  20. WillPall

    First Batch Carbonation Problem

    I just opened my third bottle from my first batch, a Belgian Wit extract recipe. I've had the bottles conditioning for almost three weeks now, but the carbonation is sub-par; actually, there is very little carbonation at all. I put in the priming sugar just like the recipe instructed, but I...