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  1. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Need Help With Motor Mill.. Picture Of Motor..

    here is a picture of the motor i got from my brother brand new.. fully encased and everything.. i have a stainless steel table i wanna put it on with my MM3.0 and i need to know what pulley and gear to use... 1725rpm..
  2. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    China Vs Cask for Canning system

    so were gunna go commercial sometime next year and were looking at canning machines.. got some quotes from the guys at cask which came in at $90,000 for a fully automated machine... and of course i sourced out the china guys and have the video and specs of the machine with a price tag of...
  3. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    China Made Fermenters

    So ive been in contact with a chinese fermenter maker and they came back with this offer... $750 FOB for a 1 bbl fermenter and you can get smaller sizes and bigger sizes for really good prices.. all Tri-clamps and racking arm and what not.. here is the picture of some.. Minimum order is just 5...
  4. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Burner question

    Will a banjo burner 10" be good enough for a 30 gallon pot ?
  5. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    How to determine pulleys for motor mill

    I got my mm3-2.0 and a brand new.. Fully enclosed motor.. 1725 rpm 60 hz Now how do I know which pulley and sheaves to get ?
  6. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    30 Gallon Stout Tank vs 30 Gallon Blichmann

    Gunna be getting one of the other.. which one would you chose... il be using it as the Brew Kettle.. Stout has the whirlpool extension welding in.. blichmann ? not so much.. thoughts ?
  7. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    30 Gallon Stout Tank Or 30 Gallon Blichmann

    Gunna be getting one of the other.. which one would you chose... il be using it as the Brew Kettle.. Stout has the whirlpool extension welding in.. blichmann ? not so much.. thoughts ?
  8. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    How Many Carboys Do You Own ?

    Im ever increasing my stock of carboys... and just got me thinking. How many carboys do you own ?? and what sizes ? current stock for me.. 8 - 6 Gallon 4 - 6.5 Gallon
  9. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Need Help With Mill Motor

    Ive recently got my MM3.2.0 and i want to motorize it.. i have no idea mechanically how to do this and what im looking for when trying to get a motor.. im looking for some heads up or pointers or a direction from the good guys ( you ) with some help in that department..
  10. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Buy this or build one ? I was Gunna think about building one but this comes with everything you see in the picture.. Good deal or get a new one ?
  11. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    What size tanks for 15 gallon batches..

    i wanna start doing 10-15 gallon batches.. half and half for each.. and now im looking at the stout tanks specifically over the blichmanns... am i wrong for going for 20 gallon MT, HLT and BK ? or should it be different ?
  12. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    What Hops To Grow For Lagers..

    im a lager kind of guy and all my beers are gunna be lagers.. so im wondering what hop rhimozes i should buy to make lagers.. haller hops ?
  13. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Build My Own Or Brew Magic Stand ?

    i was just gunna buy a stainless steel prep tabel for $300 and put 3 Blichmann burners $417 across it and use that as my stand. Run the propane tank to each burner and done.. Cost would be $717 then i saw brew magic sells the stand with gas fittings and burners.. $1119.00 Shipped Comes...
  14. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    WTB: Brew Stand

    I have no experiance in welding ( Unfortunatley ) and would love to build one but don`t have the resources.. So im looking for one to buy.. Flat 3 burner system.. doesn`t need to have burners..
  15. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Motor For Grain Mill Would this motor work.. Im not that mechanically smart for all the rpm numbers to ratio to grain speed...
  16. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Tap Handles And Beer Merch From 3 Weeks Ago

    anyone remember or buy any of the beer merch and a tap handle out of the lot that the guy had for sale ? had a picture of a saquatch and couple posters and 8 tap handles ? ? anyways i think ive been hosed... sent money but no product :( over month ago..
  17. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Blichmann Conical ?? does that look like a blichmann ? it kinda doesn't what are your thoughts..
  18. CrankyBeaverBrewery

    Where to Get Labels Done Professionaly ??

    Im looking for the neck tie and main label to be done for standard 12oz brown bottles... but can't seem to find a place who actually does em both.. not just a sticker store but a company who does them better than that... anyone know of a place ? 500 labels at least ?