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  1. jmulligan

    Pickled watermelon rind

    I tried pickled watermelon rind yesterday for the first time and LOVED it! Now I'm on a quest to find a good recipe. I'm checking Google and food blogs, but I thought I'd see if any of the DIY foodies here have any recipes or experience with them. Thanks! :mug:
  2. jmulligan

    grain in MD v 20000000

    I'd like a gallon of Star San, please! I'll just continue to buy my grain from you when we brew. :p
  3. jmulligan

    Where to get a co2 Fill in MD

    Annapolis Homebrew fills tanks (not exchange). I think it's like $15 for my 5 lb. tank.
  4. jmulligan

    Going to Vermont: Brewery Suggestions?

    I second American Flatbread, we really loved that place. Great (and interesting) pizza and beers. Also, if you want to take any beer back with you, hit up the co-op (City Market) on S. Winooski near College St. Good selection of beers, and you can always wrap up at least 2-3 22 oz bottles in...
  5. jmulligan

    Md summer brew day

    And there may be a couple I'm friends with that might show up too.
  6. jmulligan

    Md summer brew day

    Quiet, you. Yeah, didn't know it was Father's Day weekend or I would have said no from the start. What can I say? I've got 2 dads, so that weekend is always booked! :o
  7. jmulligan

    Bottling day!

    Let's hang out so you can give me some! :D
  8. jmulligan

    Recommendations for American Craft Beers?

    You should be able to find Southampton Public House - we get it here in MD. If you see it in bottle, get the Saison Deluxe, it is amazing! Spicy and crisp! I also recommend anything from Clipper City/Heavy Seas: Loose Cannon, Gold Ale, Red Sky at Night. Oh yeah, and have a good trip!
  9. jmulligan

    Md summer brew day

    HEY! Don't pick on the Odenton'll lose 1/3 of your happy hour crew. :p
  10. jmulligan

    Brewpubs in D.C.

    RFD! It's Metro accessible (Chinatown stop on the red line) located about midway on 7th between G and H I think. They've usually got like 25 commercial beers on tap and a bottle list that is like 6 pages long. I've only been to Churchkey once, but they've got a good draft and bottle list and...
  11. jmulligan

    MD spring brew day

    My car's from 1993 but it probably can't go 88 mph...does that even out? ;)
  12. jmulligan

    MD spring brew day

    Yeah, mine clogged the airlock twice before I hooked up a blowoff tube. Doing fine now, actually not bubbling very vigorously, although that could be because my blowoff tube is like 4 feet long.
  13. jmulligan

    Women Brewers

    I think the kind of women that brew aren't the girliest (myself included), so, if it keeps out the girly-girls, then I am quite pleased with the imbalance of men to women. ;) My homebrew shop guys vaguely know me, and they know that I send my husband to pick up supplies, so they never chat him...
  14. jmulligan

    MD spring brew day

    Yup. I put Willy Wonka on in the background and just kind of laid there.:D
  15. jmulligan

    MD spring brew day

    That lemonade mead was awesome mixed with the pale ale. But I also think it was why I went home and zoned out on the couch for 4 hours.
  16. jmulligan

    MD spring brew day

    Had a great time yesterday! My throat/chest and arms are unfortunately and vibrantly red, but I didn't end up passed out on the floor, so I think, all-in-all, it was a success. ;) Thanks for the awesome pork, Al and Colin! Here are the few pictures I took: Mmmm....that's...
  17. jmulligan

    MD spring brew day

    I figured a year was enough time for people to forget... ;) I've got a young batch of graff I'm happy to lend to your fun time too.
  18. jmulligan

    MD spring brew day

    I've got a container of coleslaw and potato salad, and some chips. And if I get really ambitious, I might make some brownies. :mug: See you tomorrow!
  19. jmulligan

    Tax Return Processing Websites

    I've used FreeTaxUSA for the past 2 years. I compared to TurboTax for this year, and while Federal returns were exactly the same, FreeTaxUSA got me a larger state refund. Edit: Oh, and depending on your income level, Federal is free and State was only $9.95
  20. jmulligan

    Simplicity; or, What America Has Done to Beer

    When I think weird/clusterf*ck beers, I think Dogfish Head. And some of their weirder ones are VERY miss. But - they're cool to try, and they open the market for other breweries to experiment. DuClaw in MD recently released Colossus in 22 oz bottles. It's a 20% "hybrid ale" (how the brewery...