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  1. Stovetop535

    Johnson A419, Hanna HI 98128, Keg Gas and Liquid Disconnect

    Used Johnson temp controller. User on a keezer for about one. $50 shipped Used Hanna Ph meter. Used for 4 brews and decided not to mess with ph. $60 shipped 4 ball lock gas disconnect and 4 ball lock liquid disconnect. Comes with everything pictured. $25 shipped for everything. Thanks Alex
  2. Stovetop535

    Help with Leftovers Recipe

    I have a new RIMS system I want to test out and a lot of leftovers I want to clear out. I have not had good luck creating my own recipes in the past. When I moved I accidentally mixed a bag of 2 row with a bag of Vienna and I don't want to waste the grain and want to make something using that...
  3. Stovetop535

    Crystal 150 Sub-English Mild Recipe

    Planning on brewing this recipe either this weekend or next from byo's webpage. I have everything on hand except the crystal 150. I am trying to thin out ingredients, not buy a bag and only use .25lbs. Here is the recipe, and the link to the original It’s Just A Starter (6-Day Mild Ale)...
  4. Stovetop535

    Nebraska Commercial Draft Handles

    Cleaning out the basement, have a few tap handles I acquired over the years. OBO, would probably make someone a great package deal on the lot to make shipping easy for myself. Nectar $ 35 Angry Orchard $ 35 Widmer $ 15 Tsunami Stout $ 25 Hopside $ 20 Kostriker $ 15 C Note $ 15
  5. Stovetop535

    Nebraska Jaybird Fb, Fb Stands, Sight Glass, Jockey Box Plate, Mash Tun

    All sold. Please delete.
  6. Stovetop535

    IIPA Recipe Help-Hopback?

    My brother in law bought me a Blichmann Hop Rocket for Christmas that I would like to put to good use. The last couple self created recipes have not been the best, so I am turning here to look for guidance. I was leaning towards a simple grain bill, possibly just 2 row and C60 and cara pils...
  7. Stovetop535

    Parti-Gyle Water Calculation Help

    I have a parti-gyle recipe I want to try from a book. I am trying to calcualte water volumes based off of what is given to me and my calculations are not adding up. Beer 1 is a 5 gallon recipe, 31bs of grain, 90 min mash collecting 8 gallons pre boil followed by a 120 min boil Og: 1.123...
  8. Stovetop535

    1 Gallon comparison batche-Whirfloc and Rehydrated Yeast

    I have started doing some 1 gallon test batches on my stove. Single base malt and just enough Magnum hops to bring me to about 12 ibu. First two are 2 row and vienna, 2 lbs of grain and just over 8 qts of water for my stovetop brew in a bag approach. Batch on the left has whirfloc added to...
  9. Stovetop535

    Nebraska Stainless Elbow Shanks, Cooler Mash Tun, Drip Tray, Wood Draft Tower

    Following random pieces for sale. 10 gallon rubbermaid mash tun. 1/2 copper manifold and bulkhead included, just need a ball valve for the outside. The holes on the manifold are a little big, I would wrap a paint strainer bag around the manifold and hose clamp it in place. Top of the lid is...
  10. Stovetop535

    First Infected Batch?

    First batch I have had with anything like this floating on top. Is this infected?
  11. Stovetop535

    What effect will my stuck mash have on the final product?

    Long story short, havent brewed in over a month and was excited to pull a double brewday today. The second recipe of the day was a rye saison from the database. Followed the recipe, but was...
  12. Stovetop535

    Do I need to make any changes with this water report?

    I finally got around to testing the water at our house, both the tap water and the RO system. My wife says the water tastes bad, so I installed a 14 gallon ro system with a pump that way I would have ro water on hand for brewing. I normally just get the filtered water from walmart in the 5...
  13. Stovetop535

    Ball lock disconnects, co2 manifold

    Looking for some ball lock disconnects and a manifold. Need 5 sets total of the disconnects and would like always a 4 way manifold. Thanks Alex
  14. Stovetop535

    Keg to keg transfer and amount of sediment

    The beer in question is the cream of three crops recipe. 2 week fermentation then I racked to a corny, cold crashed and added gelatin. Today (3 days after adding gelatin) I transferred to another corny. Before transferring I poured the first 2-3 pints off hoping to remove the gunk from the...
  15. Stovetop535

    90* Fittings needed for plate chiller/pumps

    Do I need to use 90* fittings in an attempt to keep as much stress/kinking off my hoses as possible? Or is it ok to cut the hose a little long and let it naturally make the bend? I am almost finished with my stand and when I ordered fittings I only ordered 2 of the 90* fittings. Here is a...
  16. Stovetop535

    My Single Tier Wooden Brew Rig

    I have been slowly accumulating parts for a brew rig for almost a year. I had to sell off some of my old stuff in order to fund my new rig, which has left me brew less since middle of October. I will start out by saying this is definitely a budget build. The only thing I purchased new was a...
  17. Stovetop535

    Coors Keg for any other straight walled keb

    I have a 15.5 gallon coors Keg with the top cut out and one hole cut to be used as a kettle. Looking to trade for a budweiser or other straight walled keg. The coors Keg just doesn't fit in with the other kegs on the brew stand. It's in good shape, just the holes drilled, No fittings in place...
  18. Stovetop535

    Coastal White Wine Kit - How to improve taste?

    I bought a coastal white kit from Midwest when they had a bogo sale, I made the first lot and I do not really care for the wine. It is not my style or my wife's style and we are going through the bottles very slowly. That other kit I have is just sitting collecting dust. I am looking for some...
  19. Stovetop535

    Leftover, cloudy Mead at bottling

    What do you guys do with the little bit of mead that is left in the carboy before you bottle? My first mead had been bulk aging for a year now and getting it to clear has taken forever. The bottom inch of the carboy is cloudy, no sediment, just cloudy. It has not changed in over a month...
  20. Stovetop535

    Bottles in a Pressure Cooker

    I have about 25 wine bottles from friends and a lot of them are pretty nasty inside. I have tried hot oxi soaks in a cooler overnight and there are still deposits in the bottom. If I brush every bottle by hand most of it comes out, but there are still a few deposits that are hanging on. I...