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  1. RichH

    Florida Counterflow wort chiller.

    Copper chiller. No leaks. Stainless steel QD fittings. $150, local pickup in St. Petersburg, FL or shipped at buyers expense.
  2. RichH

    For Sale Blichmann Top Tier/Tower of Power, Complete Brew Rig--FLORIDA

    Propane fired Blichmann Top Tier system with 3 burners. Two Tower of Power control units for Mash Tun and HLT mounted on flow control stand with sampling valve and March pump. (all temp sensors and wiring included.) Includes the following: 3-15gal Megapot 1.2 brew pots (HLT, MT and brew kettle)...
  3. RichH

    Florida PicoBrew Pico C Homebrewing system **NIB, UNOPENED**

    I am selling my NEW IN BOX, UNOPENED Pico C Brewing system. It has never been used. I have the Pico Pro and have no idea why I purchased a second Pico. My impulse buy is your gain! These are selling for $549 on the Picobrew website. I will sell this Pico C for $400 plus shipping. (actual...
  4. RichH

    Florida Pico C Automated Home Brewing System

    Get a Pico C before they are released by PicoBrew. I'm selling my Kickstarter reward as I'm sticking with my RIMS system. The Pico C is brand new and not used. I only opened the box to inventory the contents. Pico Model C Includes: The Pico...
  5. RichH

    Kentucky Bourbon Trail Bachelor Party

    A bunch of us are flying into Louisville to hit the Bourbon Trail in a couple weeks. I'm looking for any recommendations for "must visit" breweries in the Louisville/Bardstown area. Thanks in advance! :mug:
  6. RichH

    Drilling Holes in a MegaPot

    Has anyone successfully drilled a hole in the reinforced band around the top of a Megapot? I want to install a Blichmann Autosparge and want to get it as close to the top of my 15gal MegaPot as possible. (or would mounting it an inch lower below the band be OK?) I was also thinking of...
  7. RichH

    Florida King Kooker 94/90TKD Portable Dual-Burner Propane 30-Inch Patio Cart

    I bought this at a swap meet and never used it. It is in excellent condition. Come pick it up! $100
  8. RichH

    Bulk Hops for IPA's

    So I was thinking about buying some hops in bulk and foodsaver them into manageable amounts to save some $$$. My plan was to foodsaver vacuum pack them and store in the freezer. Good idea? If you were to buy four or five different types of hops to keep in bulk for IPA recipes, what would...
  9. RichH

    Low Efficiency/Not fermenting

    Need some help or opinions. I brewed the MoreBeer all grain Pliney the Elder Kit over the weekend and from my calculations I came out with a 32% efficiency. Probably due to the water I added to top off the fermenter. Lesson learned there. I did a yeast starter with a pack of Wyeast 1056, 4 cups...