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  1. Nugent

    Siphon or just dump it in?

    I'm an apartment brewer and use two 20 litre pots to brew. I have been siphoning my beer into my fermenter from the pots once the wort is at fermentation temps to avoid all of the crud at the bottom. I could easily just pour the cooled wort through a strainer right into my bucket. Does this...
  2. Nugent

    D-rest for dunkel (w/WY 2308)

    Hi all, Have been fermenting a dunkel at 10c for five days and the gravity samples are indicating that the fermentation is slowing down. Time for a d-rest. What temperature would you bring in up to? How fast would you do it? Thanks.
  3. Nugent

    Irish Red Ale Early Riser Irish Red Ale

    7.00 lb British-style Pale Ale Malt (I used Gambrinus ESB) (4.0 SRM) 81.4 % 0.75 lb Rye Malt (4.7 SRM) 8.7 % 0.50 lb Barley, Flaked (1.7 SRM) 5.8 % 0.25 lb 70-80 deg. L - Crystal/Caramel (75.0 SRM) 2.9 % 0.10 lb Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM) 1.2 % 0.70 oz Whole - Amarillo [11.20 %] -...
  4. Nugent

    1469 back for fall!

    Read in Zymurgy that Wyeast is releasing the WY1469 (West Yorkshire Ale) for the fall. I'm stoked! Love this yeast. Hope that they make it part of their permanent collection.
  5. Nugent

    Blasted fruit flies!!

    Have a Mirror Pond-inspired pale ale and an Irish Red Ale bubbling away furiously in the beer room - one in a Yooper's ghetto fermentation cooler and one with British II which can handle the high teens-low twenties Celsius temps right now. Late summer fruit fly infestation is in full swing...
  6. Nugent

    Oct-Dec Wyeast PC Yeasts

    Hail Britannia! 1469PC - West Yorkshire Ale (i.e. Timothy Taylor's yeast) 1026PC - British Cask Ale 9097PC - Old Ale Blend Really looking forward to trying the 1469 on a Landlord clone. I have the hops that I need and soon the yeast. Sweet. Any experience with the first two, as...
  7. Nugent

    24 hrs. of high fermentation temps

    No this isn't a 'is my beer ruined' post. I made a 1.058 English IPA yesterday. Cooled to 66F with IC, pitched with a Pacman 1500 ml starter and oxygenated with 15 secs. of O-two with a diffusion stone. The ambient temperature in my 'beer' room is about 67-69F at this time of year, so I...
  8. Nugent

    Progress with Mirror Pond clone?

    Since CYBI's attempt to clone this brew, I have been using the information from the podcast as a guideline to develop my own clone. Here is my latest recipe and process: 5.5 gal batch. OG: 1.056 FG: 1.014 ABV: 5.4% (higher than I wanted it; aiming for around 5.0%) SRM: 11 IBUs: 37ish...
  9. Nugent

    What would you do?

    Here's the dilemma that the collective wisdom of HBT will no doubt solve (or at least, respectfully, argue about). I pitched one of Wyeast's Private Collection yeasts (WY1882 - Thames Valley II) for a best bitter that I brewed today. I tried an English-style pale ale at my LHBS that the...
  10. Nugent

    Feedback on my best bitter recipe?

    Still on the quest to create a house ale that I love so much that I can brew it constantly and that is low alcohol enough that it'll finish fairly quick. This is the fourth incantation of this beer - have been adjusting the parts out of, or into, it that I did/didn't like. Interested in some...
  11. Nugent

    Bridgeport Haymaker EPA?

    "Sunshine in a bottle", or so the label goes. I tried to drink as much of this stuff as they had down in Point Roberts, WA this summer. It's a seasonal brew so I'm craving it right now. On the bottle and website, they say that it's a blend of four different malts (German and American...
  12. Nugent

    What would you do?

    So, I guess that I was overzealous in kegging a stout that I made about a month ago. I stupidly didn't try it when putting from the secondary to the keg. I put it on the gas for a few days and had a sampler - still very green and is still quite bitter; needs more time to mellow out IMO. It...
  13. Nugent

    Yeast rinsing after pitching on yeast cake?

    My gut instinct and experience is telling me just to dump this and not bother. I brewed an Irish Red (ca. 1.051) and then pitched a 1.052 stout right on to the yeast cake. Anyhoo, racked the stout and was thinking about rinsing and saving the yeast (1084). There seems to be A LOT of dead...
  14. Nugent

    Remembrance Day brewing, Canada?

    Just attended the service at the local cenotaph - a good crowd with lots of parents bringing the little ones, which was good to see. Have just doughed-in for a dry stout. A good way of honouring the fallen, Canadian men and women that do us proud in Afghanistan and peacekeeping around the...
  15. Nugent

    The trick to a great low-alcohol brew?

    Part of coming to terms with a problem is admitting it. Twelve steps, right? My name is nugent and I really like lower alcohol beer. No, no, no ... I'm not talking terrible, mass-produced, "tastes great, less filling" swill. I'm talking beer that has been brewed - with the lower ABV in mind...
  16. Nugent

    Thoughts on bitterness being caused by forced carb?

    I'm trying to get to the bottom of an issue that I've been having with my APA's. I have brewed two of them with different, yet similar recipes, since July. The first was Ed Wort's Haus Pale; the other was a summer ale with 2-row, flaked barley and some light crystal. More or less the same hop...
  17. Nugent

    Portland, OR HBTers! Water treatment?

    Tried this same question with Vancouver HBTers to no avail, so I thought that I'd expand my horizons. According to the water profile information on BeerSmith and the Metro Vancouver 2008 Water Quality Report, it seems that Vancouver, BC's and Portland, OR's water profile and pH are almost...
  18. Nugent

    DME in Vancouver, BC?

    Anyone in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland know where to get DME? Dan doesn't carry it and I was wanting to use it for starters. Thoughts?
  19. Nugent

    Your fav yeast for British pale ale

    I know that I am spreading my inquiries wide across a number of sections of the forum, but thought I give this section a try. Many of you have chimed in and have been extremely helpful with my thread in the recipes section. My question for the yeasty part of your brain is which yeast do you...
  20. Nugent

    Force carbing at room temperature

    I have been trying a few different methods for force carbing beer in my cornies. The constant issue is that my kegerator is too small to fit a Corny + a CO2 tank, so I have to carb at room temp, which I know isn't ideal. Here's what I have been doing + the perceived drawbacks (in my mind at...