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  1. GTG

    Kegerator And Kegs For Sale Phoenix, AZ

    I recently purchased an old project kegerator and some kegs that I am looking to get rid of. I am not going to have the space or time to have these around. The kegerator runs and gets cool but needs a replacement fan inside and possibly a recharge on the freon side as well. The tubing needs to...
  2. GTG

    What kind of keg?

    One of the local scrap yards down the street from my office has some interesting kegs. One batch look like 3 gallon, polished, stainless, corny kegs with a set of protective stainless rings at the top to protect the connectors. The other group of kegs look like standard stainless kegs about 4...
  3. GTG

    Antique Keg Beer Dispenser - $1250 (Litchfield Park)

    Saw this on CL today, not mine but wish it were.
  4. GTG

    Fruit Press For Sale $65.00

    SOLD I bought this locally a year or so ago and am probaby not going to use it. When I got it, it only had one upright support. I made two matching supports as you can see. The extra will be thrown in for good measure. The press works and is dusty but can be cleaned. It is made of painted...
  5. GTG

    Mesquite Pods For Brewing Or Flour

    So I have access to a few different varieties of mesquite with varying colors of pods that I am going to start harvesting next week. I will plan on getting 2 pound batches for people since that seems to be a decent amount of pods to do a nice batch of beer. If anyone is interested in a trade...
  6. GTG

    Preparing Some Fruit For Addition To Fermentation

    If this is the wrong forum please advise where I should post it or a moderator can move. I have some apricots that I harvested yesterday that have probably had fruit flies visit here and there. I am planning on slicing, pitting and then blanching them for 10 minutes. They will then be...
  7. GTG

    Vintage Apple Press/Grinder - Not Mine

    From Phoenix area Craigslist - This is a Happy Valley Cider Press. Since the 1980's they no longer make the 3 legged style. It is the American Harvester style. My husband bought it new and I know it has not been used for at least 20...
  8. GTG

    Hops Rhizomes

    I bought some rhizomes through Farmhouse Brewing and found that I won't be able to plant them afterall. Garden space and dog safety are going to win out unfortunately. Looking to trade some Pilsner DME or similar for the following rhizomes - Have one each Columbus Hallertau Nugget...
  9. GTG

    Question About Mashing Oatmeal For A Stout

    I'm brewing an extract stout this weekend that I want to get some oatmeal into. If I do a mash of the oatmeal to get a wort started for the rest of the extract recipe, will special roast, kiln amber or chocolate malts give me enough starches to do the conversion? Thanks in advance for any...
  10. GTG

    What Happened To My Ferment Here?

    Three weekes ago I did this recipe with a 3.5 gal boil and topped up to 5 gal after cooling to 80 and aereating the heck out of it with a paint stirrer on a drill. It bubbled away at 68 - 70 degrees in a water bath for 12 days and has sat for another week and a half at the same. I didn't do an...
  11. GTG

    Cheap Store Brand Oxyclean Left Film On Bottles

    So I bought Frys/Krogers oxygen cleaner thinking that it would be a good, cheaper alternative to Oxyclean. It is but is leaves a white film on the outside and the inside of the bottles. I think that a Starsan soak and brushing might help fix this but am looking for any other recommendations...
  12. GTG

    3 Year Old Brett Dregs

    I've recently harvested the dregs from a 2008 Boulevard Saison Brett that I would like to try to use. What are te chances that I have viable yeast in there? Should I just pitch it into a starter and see if I get any action to see? I've got a honey wheat wine that I want to turn it loose in...
  13. GTG

    Wlp 545

    Anyone have any experience with WLP 545 5Belgian Strong Ale? I'm using it in a Belgian inspired braggot currently and am looking for what I can expect flavor-wise from your temperature experiences. The White Labs site suggests 66 - 72 degrees are ideal temps. Thanks, GTG
  14. GTG

    Prickly Pear Fruit

    So I've been eyeing my favorite prickly pear patches lately and they're coming in nice and red again this year. I should have some nice ripe ones in another month or so. If anyone is interested, I still would like to trade prickly pears for other fruit, honey or brewing supplies. I'm not looking...
  15. GTG

    15 gallon conical fermenter - $225

    Not mine but found it today on CL GTG
  16. GTG

    Look at this old mead I found...

    Saw this at my future brother in law's house. He got it out of his grandparents house after they died. Label says 1966 on it. The cap is intact. Hopefully I get to taste this someday. Full size pictures are in my gallery. GTG
  17. GTG

    Too Much Potassium Sorbate

    So in a stupid move I put way too much potassium sorbate into a 4 gallon batch. 4 teaspoons instead of 1. Is there anything that can be done with it besides blending it with 20 gallons of un-sorbated mead? Thanks, GTG
  18. GTG

    Foamy Tupelo

    Day before yesterday I started a 4 gallon batch of mead with a gallon of tupelo honey, energizer, nutrient and added a cup of white raisins about 12 hours into primary. I haven't seen a batch krausen up and get so foamy like that before. I thought I was going to have an MEA in there without...
  19. GTG

    Prickly Pear Fruit

    I've been getting some really nice prickly pears lately and have worked out trades with a few members of the board. I'm looking to trade with anyone for some honey or some other type of fruit I don't already have. If you want...
  20. GTG

    Pyment Information Wanted

    I picked a bunch of white grapes this morning and want to make a pyment. Should I freeze then squeeze to try to juice the grapes or should I just freeze and then mash then put in grapes whole into my fermenter? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, GTG