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  1. brehuh

    New York Plate Chiller DudaDiesel $100

    Selling my 40 plate heat exchanger, used for around 10 brews. Selling for 100 plus shipping
  2. brehuh

    Upright keezer build

    For the beer line I followed Brad Smith's formula, with tap height, beer line resistance, and serving pressure of 10psi taken into account I need 3.5 feet of line for the bottom kegs and 4 feet for the top kegs. The first pour is a foamy due to the warm faucet, but the following pulls are...
  3. brehuh

    Upright keezer build

    Thanks brewny, I can fit 6 tight on the bottom and another 3 or 4 on the top with the co2 tank
  4. brehuh

    Upright keezer build

    Not sure why the pictures are on their side...
  5. brehuh

    Upright keezer build

    Here are a few pictures of my keezer build, thanks for the inspiration JonW. I was going to get the same freezer that Jon used but, I was able to find this Kenmore elite floor model for $850. I spent more so I would be able to be in our dining room. The result was better than expected, it looks...
  6. brehuh

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    I'm in thanks!
  7. brehuh

    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    I did the same thing when I built mine lol
  8. brehuh

    4th of July Sale + 10% OFF ALL KEG KITS HBT Exclusive -

    Can I get a promo code placing an order now
  9. brehuh

    Albany Area Brewers

    Here is their FB page Aj Brewery Supply Met Aaron and Jay today, we def should back them so they can expand and be our one stop shop
  10. brehuh

    NB Surly Furious Clone not turning out so well

    I am thinking about brewing this AG. What was in the dry hop package? That's the only thing I cannot find
  11. brehuh

    Albany Area Brewers

    My brew day went great the days following didn't go great. My niece unplugged my fermention chamber on day 2. What a mess, fingers crossed for the batch.
  12. brehuh

    Albany Area Brewers

    Hey guys, I'm brewing Sunday in Mayfield! About 50 minutes North of Albany.
  13. brehuh

    Tower of Power

    I'm upgrading a few things then giving this tower a go can't wait!
  14. brehuh

    Tower of Power

    Will the igniter work with the high pressure bayou burner?
  15. brehuh

    Free Level 1 filter/stand w/ purchase of 15" reversed hinge False Bottom

    Buying today! Thanks Jaybird! Do you have snaplocks or camlocks for sale?
  16. brehuh

    Iowa 23 tip jet hella burner (BRAND NEW) only $40

    What would shipping be to 12117?