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  1. lstrowge

    LED Backlit Taplist

    Finished an RGB LED lit Taplist. Pretty easy project and it's ready for theSt Patty's day party tomorrow. Plan to eventually have the name laser engraved into the frame along with a cowboy & cowgirl silhouette. Sent from my GT-P5113 using Home Brew mobile app
  2. lstrowge

    Festbier Oktoberfest (1st place, scored 42)

    Took 1st place in the 2012 Novembeerfest competition held at Larry's Brewing Supply, Kent Wa. This was my second competition entered (got two 2nd places out of three entries for the first comp), 1st entry for this beer. Brewed it in early April 2012 and tapped it Mid Sept, bottled 3 12oz...
  3. lstrowge

    WET Hopped DIPA, looking for a sanity check

    I have been pretty lucky so far at designing my own recipes and this one is actually based on a really good IPA I brewed early this spring. For this brew I am going for a big, somewhat malty, but huge Hop aroma and flavor. And ofcourse I will have atleast 5 ounces of fresh picked WET hops to...
  4. lstrowge

    Snow day = All Grain brew day

    First time posting, no pics yet. 2nd Snow day in a row so I decided to brew the NB "Surley Bender" Pro kit I got the other day. Mashed in, missed the temp a little high but got it down to 153 pretty quick. My set up is a sorta 3 tier gravity rig. Basically a wood two tier cart high...