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  1. Wolfbayne

    Virginia 15 Gallon corny

    15 Gallon Ball lock corny keg with the top draft system. I used the corny for conditioning and then drew from the top with jumper to smaller kegs. Or this can be used as serving vessel. I will post pics this afternoon once I get home from work. I decide to delete the photo I took verses...
  2. Wolfbayne

    Feedback on IPA recipe

    I would recommend changing the hop schedule: 60 min 1 oz mosaic 10 min .5 oz mosaic Flame out 1 oz mosaic and centennial Dry hop: 3-4 days each even split mosiac/Centenial remove and add other half for 3-4 days This will prevent grassy garlic from the mosaic. Also, need to get at min 4 oz...
  3. Wolfbayne

    American IPA Fresh Squeezed IPA

    You guys think 23 days is good enough for grain to glass (got company showing up in Sept)? With a strong starter and hold yourself to a controlled plan to ferment out, dry hop, and keg you could definately achieve this.
  4. Wolfbayne

    Side by Side 4 tap keezer and dual zone Fermentor build

    This is a beautiful build.
  5. Wolfbayne

    Plate Chiller Best Practices

    Clogging issues can be solved with whirlpooling or running through a hop rocket type strainer. Always control output from the pump ball valve verses the kettle.
  6. Wolfbayne

    Star San foam hiding keg level

    Place the keg on the scale. Fill it up by weight of the liquid. Roughly 42 pounds depending on gravity of the beer. Here is a HBT thread discussing the math.... Hope this helps.
  7. Wolfbayne

    Enter for a chance to win Dad a Father's Day Inkbird Gift

    Very interested. Thank you and good luck!
  8. Wolfbayne

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Triple Chocolate Milk Stout - Chocolate Lovers Only!

    This sounds like a really good recipe for rotation. Have you tried putting this on oak to mix/balance the sweetness?
  9. Wolfbayne

    Scrub Master 3000 Version 2.0

    I like the build...trying to wrap my head as to how to configure it to sanke keg washer? Have to be same type build but ball float out of the connector to allow it to drain...more thinking. Great build thread!
  10. Wolfbayne

    New stainless mash run - how to clean before first use?

    Good soak and rinse with PBW. Then scrub with a citric solution like Bar Keepers Friend, rinse, and dry completely. Cleans and seals the SS surface.
  11. Wolfbayne

    Window Tinting Fermentation Fridge

    Aren't most wine fridges uv glass? Might have to check the specs on the model you have.
  12. Wolfbayne

    Conical dumping?

    Also with conical you can drop the trub out before pitching yeast. Definately decreases the chance of a concrete dump/harvest.
  13. Wolfbayne

    Conical dumping?

    Sanitize a wire coat hanger or something that will reach the bottom. Come through the top and create a void in the trub/yeast cake. Open bottom valve and watch for drip. Then it will come out. Warning...don't leave valve open and then try to push it from the top. A human is not fast enough...
  14. Wolfbayne

    Oskar Blues Recipes

    Definately love OB Dales. Looking at the dates on this OP I don't know why I haven't read this one before? Thanks for posting it.
  15. Wolfbayne

    What are you doing instead of brewing this weekend?

    Sitting at NTC with grains waiting at the
  16. Wolfbayne

    Kegging and Military Moves (PCS)--what can go?

    You'll have to move all the filled kegs yourself. Read the SOP in regards to the movers and see what they can actually move for you. Alcohol is one thing on the list that they cannot. Once you get your orders make an appointment with travel and they can give you the low down to your questions.
  17. Wolfbayne

    My MM3 grain mill

    Nice build. What motor is that? Hard to tell in the pic.
  18. Wolfbayne

    Frankenstein HLT sight glass issue

    What is you used a grant before the pump? Would allow the natural gravity flow of the wort keeping pressure off the site glass. Just an idea.
  19. Wolfbayne

    Sparge Arm

    Sorry Sleepy...was asking OP
  20. Wolfbayne

    LaMotte Water Testing Kit

    I have to agree the sulfate test is alittle week based on the users visual abilities verses hard numbers. Thanks for the reply.