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  1. Begin2Brew

    Pilsner Glassware

    Can anyone tell me what style this glass is?
  2. Begin2Brew

    IPA tastings

    Why does it seem every time I go to a tasting with multiple brewers it seems like all they offer is an IPA or some version of an IPA? I consider myself a more traditional brewer and love me a good lager. Why are all these craft brewers so stuck on hop bombs?
  3. Begin2Brew

    Yeast, what do we need to know??

    Ok, 2013 is the year for me to learn everything I can about yeast and brewing. What do you think we, as homebrewers, need to know about our yeast? Topics I have learned: Proper pitching rates Cell counting Cell viability Starter step up Slanting Plating Fermentation temps So what...
  4. Begin2Brew

    Dilution\Total Count

    Ok guys need some confirmation here on whether I did this right or not. According to Yeastcal I did a few step starters and should have ended up at 816 Billions cells at the end. My last step I crashed and decanted all but 2L. I put the started back in the stir plate to homogenize. I took a...
  5. Begin2Brew

    Cell Count and Dilution

    This year I am looking to expand my knowledge on yeast. I am looking to start counting cells and test for viability. My current project is to determine growth in a starter to be sure I have the required pitch amount. I am planning on brewing an Marzen with a OG of 1.055. Yeastcalc states I...
  6. Begin2Brew

    Yeast Shocking

    Strange thing I have experienced lately. I readied a starter for brewing with an old smack pack of American Lager. MFG date was in April so I knew it would take some time to get going. I had a 2L starter going for three days on a stir plate with no activity at all. I then placed the flask in the...
  7. Begin2Brew

    E-HERMS Build

    Well I have pulled the trigger and started ordering parts to build my E-HERMS. I am building the same basic system as The Electric Brewery but will be building it on my own. Today I ordered: Heating elements: Amazon - $55.91 Parts for elements: McMaster-Carr - $167.56 I'll try and...
  8. Begin2Brew

    growing high ABV yeast?

    Well reading though a few threads on DFH 120 I am wondering if using starters with high ABV would allow the tolerant yeast to grow and continue to multiply? Anyone ever try this?
  9. Begin2Brew

    Citrus Notes

    I am planning on brewing a Great Lakes Burning River clone and as I drink one I am wondering on how best to achieve the grapefuit notes in this beer. Will all the cirtus notes come from the hops or can I add to it by controlling the fermentation temps. If I ferment higher or lower can I add to...
  10. Begin2Brew

    Lager/Conditioning Question

    Hey guys, quick question. I have a lagering/fermentation freezer with a temp controller on it. I have an Oktoberfest lagering in there right now at 33F, has been for about a week now. I want to brew a pilsner in a few weeks and need the chamber for the fermentation. What I was thinking of...
  11. Begin2Brew

    Well this is just BS!!

    For the last few months I have stopped on the way home from work on Friday to stop and pick up a few craft/micro brews. Today I stop and get a Belgian Tripple, Pilsner and an amber ale. None of them make the grade! I was really hoping for these to be good but each one of them are sweet and...
  12. Begin2Brew


    Wow, my second lager and this one I used a starter and it went hard and fast. Checked the gravity and was at 1.021, SG was 1.051. Gave it a taste and you can really taste the diacetyl. The sample was good but finishes with a slippery, buttery flavor. It's more like a synthetic flavor but you can...
  13. Begin2Brew

    help!! I need an intervention!

    Seriously, I can't help but sample my beers 1 week after bottling! Each batch gets better. Is the nervana or just the results of 20 years of BMC??
  14. Begin2Brew

    Big Stout recipe

    Just kinda messed with Beersmith and came up with this for a big milk chocolate stout. Any opinions? What should I use for the chocolate taste? Amount Item Type % or IBU 12.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 58.54 % 4.00 lb Carafoam (2.0 SRM) Grain 19.51 % 2.00 lb...
  15. Begin2Brew

    Successful first all grain

    Brewed my first all grain yesterday and everything went perfect. Since my last brew day on 1/31/11 I have built a MLT, boil kettle, CFC and a stir plate. Each item worked flawless and made the session enjoyable. I managed to find a Fluke meter with a temperature probe for my thermometer, man did...
  16. Begin2Brew

    Did I kill my yeast??

    Made a starter, 2 cups water 1/4 cup DME. Use a smack pack and pitched into starter after a 10 minute boil and cooled to 70 F. Problem is I used tap water right from the tap and I have city water. I am concerned that the chemicals in there killed my yeast as it has been 24 hours and nothing yet.
  17. Begin2Brew

    lager pitching rate

    I am planning to brew an oktoberfest next week, that gives me 11 days to grow my yeastie clan. The OG is 1.054 and mr malty says to pitch a little over 400 million cells. My plan is to take a single smack pack (100 million) pitch it into a 2 liter starter, which should end up around 200 million...
  18. Begin2Brew

    Malted Barley Shortage

    I heard about this on the news this morning and decided to check it out. Hopefully it's not too bad and doesn't affect us home brewers.
  19. Begin2Brew

    Where to lager, bottle or fermenter??

    Well I have been reading online about the right time to lager and have some conflicting information. Some say to primary for 14 days or until the SG is at 75% then do a diacetyl rest. That I get, but I have read that I should bottle after the rest so my beer will carb correctly and some say to...
  20. Begin2Brew

    botteling soon, quick question

    Ok so I have an amber ale in my freezer resting comfortably at 42F. This has been through a primary for 10 days at 62F and 1/26 it will be 2 weeks in the secondary and should be ready to bottle. Should I bring this up to room temp slowly over the next few days or does it not matter how fast...