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  1. Begin2Brew

    Blichmann Beer Gun

    It depends on how many I am bottling total. If I am doing a case I'll fill all 24 then cap. Use cold bottles and it will keep enough carbonation to last the 20 minutes it takes to fill them all.
  2. Begin2Brew

    How long to freeze Eisbock??

    For me it took a few days. What I did was to drop the temperature a few degrees each day until I started to see ice crystals form. I didn't want a block of ice. I think the temp was around 19F when things began to happen. One it starts to freeze I would scoop out the ice every few hours until...
  3. Begin2Brew

    Post your "whoops" moments- messes, etc

    Just started kegging and had racked a nice amber ale into a corny. Tossed it into my keezer and hooked up the gas line. When down a few days later to check on it and to my surprise nothing came out of the tap. Opened the top to see and empty 10lb CO2 tank and 5 gallons of beer in the keezer...
  4. Begin2Brew

    Reverse osmosis equipment advice

    The first one will work fine. I see in one of the comments the TDS were tested at zero. That is what you want from an RO system.
  5. Begin2Brew

    What are your contrarian/"unpopular" beer opinions?

    I don't like Amarillo hops, they taste like dirty socks to me.
  6. Begin2Brew

    measuring yeast count after starter

    You will not get 4,289B cells in a 4.29l starter. A slurry is a think concentration of cells. A starter will have no where need that concentration of cells. The most you will get is around 700B cells. With counting cells you need to take into consideration the concentration or dilution of...
  7. Begin2Brew

    measuring yeast count after starter

    I think you are getting yeast volume confused with starter volume. The started volume is the amount of wort the yeast needs to replicate to a specified cell volume. If you use a starter calculator it will tell you, based on your viable cells, how must wort you need to produce the proper...
  8. Begin2Brew

    More dumb yeast questions

    Honestly I would just pitch it. That bit of trub is not going to have an effect unless you are brewing a Helles or something light.
  9. Begin2Brew

    Fermentation Emergency?! (first brew)

    After 9 days and from 1.059 to 1.011, no krausen left your just fine, fermentation is most likely done. Check gravity tomorrow and if it is still at 1.011 I would drop the temp to 35F and crash it. Give it a few days at that temp then bottle it.
  10. Begin2Brew

    Dog in Grain?

    A pinch of grain is all I need to make him happy and give a good sit.
  11. Begin2Brew

    Whole Gingerbread House in the boil

    You're going to have a lot of solids in there, best off to toss it in the mash if you are all-grain.
  12. Begin2Brew

    Yeast Tempurature Ranges

    It really depends on what you want the flavor profile to be. Let's look at a Hefeweizen. Warm fermentation will favor the development of esters and give more of the banana and bubblegum flavors. Cooler fermentation will favor the phenolics so more clove will come out. I always ferment...
  13. Begin2Brew

    Thoughts on my water report?

    Ya, me! This is what my water would look like if I cut my tap water with 80% RO. This is a great base for just about any style you want to brew. If you brew a hoppy beer add some sulfates, malty beer add some chloride.
  14. Begin2Brew

    Brand New - Complete Newbie Questions - Pt. 1 - Budget

    Hydrometers: Buy two, trust me you'll be glad you did.
  15. Begin2Brew

    Automated Bottling system

    It would be better to just control a valve to open and close for a specific amount of time to allow the correct amount of product to fill the bottle. You would save the cost of the flow meter and if you are looking for one to do a preset amount they can get expensive. You would need one that is...
  16. Begin2Brew

    I'm F'in done with SSR's

    I can attest to this. I built mine off of Kal's plans. Twice I have had a failure. One plug and one SSR. all I had to do was move the boil element cable to the other plug and use the HLT PID for the boil. Finish up the brew day and make the required repairs after.