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  1. edroberts

    Nelson Sauvin hops anywhere?

    So, I'm gearing up for a third rendition of my Nelson Sauvin Saison, but I can't seem to find any Nelson hops in stock anywhere. Does anyone know a place that might have them in stock? I know the southern hemisphere harvest is approaching, so perhaps I just timed this brew wrong.
  2. edroberts

    5 tips for (correctly) making Belgian-style beer

    I happened upon a great article on brewing Belgian-style beer in Craft Beer and Brewing. Well worth a read. - 5 tips for (correctly) making Belgian-style beer
  3. edroberts

    Old knowledge for homebrew/craft newbies

    I was talking last night with another HBT individual who had just read the article with Steven Dresler from Sierra Nevada. He's relatively new to craft beer and homebrewing beer and was amazed that Steven started out homebrewing. He also noted that he was proud he had actually found one of their...
  4. edroberts

    Dry hop before or after cold crash

    I've heard mixed things regarding when to dry hop with respect to cold crashing. Some have suggested that cold crashing after your dry hop will take a sizable chunk of your dry hop out. I've seen others say that is not true, and doing your dry hop after cold crashing simply introduces more haze...
  5. edroberts

    Proof that America runs on beer

    Did you know that the English system of measurement is based off the size/weight of a barleycorn? Spectacular! 7000 grains = 1 pound. 168 grains = 1 foot. This is from one of my favorite YouTube series is Mental Floss. Their latest episode is "36 Unusual Units of Measurement."...
  6. edroberts

    Hopshot/CO2 Extract

    I'm seeing more on hopshots/CO2 Hop Extract and wondered more about it. One interesting thing is that there doesn't appear to be any information regarding what hops are used for the extract. While small, even bittering additions of pellet/leaf hops have different characteristics despite the...
  7. edroberts

    Chemistry of Beer

    The University of Oklahoma is again offering it's Chemistry of Beer course up for free. It's an 8-week online course starting today (8/18) and dives into the chemical reactions of the mash, boiling, yeast glucose cycle, etc. Very interesting course. You can also rip through the archived course...
  8. edroberts

    Corny keg testing

    I acquired 4 pin-lock corney kegs (and a 20# CO2 tank) while rehabbing an old community center in town last week. The last time they were filled was 5-6 years ago. Two are still pressurized and filled with Coke/Diet Coke, one was empty, and one was only slightly pressurized. How would I go about...
  9. edroberts

    Beer tap? There's an app for that...

    Magician taps beer from his iPad.
  10. edroberts

    First blow-off. Concerns?

    So, after 6 batches, I had my first blow-off with a Hefeweizen I brewed on Sunday night. It happened overnight and completely blew the top off my primary bucket and oozed krausen all over the floor. I re-sanitized the lid (blown 3ft away), airlock, and sprayed some startsan on the top of the...
  11. edroberts

    Partial Mash vs. BIAB

    I'm going to do my first partial mash on Saturday. I've seen different ways of doing this. For some, I've seen people do a single infusion steep, drain, and proceed with the boil. Others I've seen treat it closer to BIAB by then sparging the bag after the infusion. What's the best method? I...