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  1. mbobhat

    Heineken sankey keg top has me stumped Anybody seen these? They are different than the ones I've seen tutorials on here on how to remove. This one won't unscrew after beating it with a 2ft long pipe wrench attached to a wonderbar, but I managed to break out...
  2. mbobhat

    Indiana 25' 5/16 OD SS tubing

    Decided to go precoiled because my HLT is gonna be 7in diameter and I don't wanna kink it. Currently the coil is about 1.5 ft diameter. Bought from NY Brew Supply for 34.95 will ship to you for 25.
  3. mbobhat

    90% sure I killed my yeast cake will that affect yeast added?

    High temp pitched probably around 130 or less. I was doing a barley wine and ended up with a little less gravity points ~1.080. So I pitched on the yeast cake (my damn pipes were frozen from winter so I didn't use my wort chiller but realized later that I could've used the laundry spigot in...