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  1. MI_Dogman

    Need to Read!

    Brewers!! Sorry I haven't been on much for a while. My position was cut back in February and I had to step down to a grunt it out position at work. So I don't have as much time on my hands for home brewing as I did before. 2016 is becoming a whirl wind for my career and it's affecting my home...
  2. MI_Dogman

    Acidulated Malt

    Brewers, I'm thinking of try acidulated malt in my next IPA to help with a little crispness. I also need to adjust my PH slighty in my mash. I'm not at the point of brewing salts yet for the PH (I'm on a well with SUPER hard water and I don't know the water report). Anyway, just need some...
  3. MI_Dogman

    El Dorado w/ Galaxy

    Brewers, I have 2oz Galaxey and 2oz El Dorado and I am wondering if these two pair well together. I would like to use them up, as they are just sitting in the fridge. I'm thinking a simple IPA grain bill, Mangum as the bittering hop, and WLP001 as the yeast. Any input is greatly appreciated...
  4. MI_Dogman

    Pale Ale

    Brewers, I haven't brewed this particular recipe since last summer. I have since made some changes and would love some feed back. Thanks in advance! Name: Drunken Sailor Type: Pale Ale/ IPA (I like hops!) Mash: Infusion at 153-154*f maintained with RIMS Eff: 65-70% (only brewed once on the...
  5. MI_Dogman

    Italy Beer

    Brewers! I will be going around Italy pretty soon. I know they are not really a beer region, but maybe the community here knows so good local beer in Italy. Let me hear it guys! -Dogman
  6. MI_Dogman

    First E-Brew Day

    E-Brewers, Today I attempted my first brew on my new electric system. Came away with a few of things. My mash was SPOT ON AWESOME, however I didn't sparse long enough and with my two vessel system (instead of two coolers and a kettle) it affects my efficiency. When it came to the boil I had a...
  7. MI_Dogman

    Test Day

    Testing out the new setup! Hopefully all checks out and I can brew tomorrow on this bad boy!
  8. MI_Dogman

    Mint for Stout

    Brewers, I brewed up a Chocolate Mint Stout last week, and it has already fermented out. So I am planning on doing the mint part pretty soon. I have about 3oz of mint soaking in a couple of oz of vodka, but I am worried it will be add a vegetative taste to my beer. The vodka is brown and I can...
  9. MI_Dogman

    NO Snow Brewing!!

    Well this time last year I was brewing in the garage with 3ft of snow and 10*f. This year it's 45*f and raining, but in having an easier time with my mash in this warmer winter!
  10. MI_Dogman

    Chapman Brewing Equipment

    Brewers, Does anybody have any experience or knowledge of Chapman Brewing Equipment? I am looking at there 7 gallon fermenters, and really like the price on them. I would love stainless steel conical fermenters, but I can get two 7 gallon fermenters for half the price of on conical...
  11. MI_Dogman

    American Brown Ale

    Brewers, How does this look for a simple American Brown Ale. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Going for nutty/bread with a little chocolate/carmel sweetness. I am trying to keep the ABV lower so it is an easy to drink beer that will not mess you up to bad if you drink to many and have a...
  12. MI_Dogman

    2 vessel 1 pump RIMS Cart!!

    I haven't posted any progress, but this is where I am at so far. I still have a ways to go on the panel, but the new rig is almost done and ready! I'm hoping to have everything done and brew on it before winter ends. It sucks brewing in the garage in February when it's below 0*.
  13. MI_Dogman

    Black IPA Attempt

    BREWERS... Assemble!!! I need some help critiquing my black ipa all grain recipe that I have so far. First, I am going for that slight coffee roast flavor, light to medium body, and the big hop bomb (I like florally/piney). Please look at what I have below. Batch: 5.2gal with a 6.2gal...
  14. MI_Dogman

    Off Flavor!!

    Brewers! So I brewed a Pale Ale a little over a month ago. And I got to drink it for a couple of weeks before I had to go to work for a month. It tasted SO good, and it was my best brewing season yet. BUT, after I got home (1 month later) I am tasting a very harsh bitterness that I can't put my...
  15. MI_Dogman


    E-Brewers, I can't remember what type of SSR I need, but I believe that to run a 240v 2500watt RIMS I need a 40AMP DC in/AC out using a SYL-2352 PID. Correct? Thanks! -Dogman
  16. MI_Dogman


    Brewers, I'm thinking about getting the Cyclone Cleanable Counterflow Chiller by Jaded. Does anyone have any experience with this product? I like that it can be cleaned easily, and it is cheaper than getting a regular counter flow. Thanks! - Dogman
  17. MI_Dogman


    E-Brewers, How do I know if I need switches to be 2 (NO) or 1(NO) 1(NC)? - Dogman
  18. MI_Dogman

    Power to Panel

    E-Brewers, Would it be ok to use a 30' 50AMP Generator Power cord for my system. I need to be able to reach my dryer outlet from the garage to the utility room (which is next to the garage). I'm building a 50 amp panel for a two vessel system. Thanks! -Dogman
  19. MI_Dogman

    Smack Pack

    So I thought I broke the little pack inside an American 1056 yeast pack, BUT I didn't. Shoot. Well I pitched the yeast slurry inside. What do you Brewers think, will it be alright? Plus I have to ferment high 70 or so because my basement is so warm right now. I don't like where this brew is...
  20. MI_Dogman

    RIMS with Cooler

    Brewers, I am all set up to start using a nice shiny RIMS setup courtesy of NorCal and have a question for my equipment. I use a 10 gal igloo beverage cooler with a false bottom. For recirculating the mash with rims: Do I need a brad or with the false bottom work just fine? Also, what...