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  1. Staylow

    Oxiclean backflow into keezer

    Ok, so this is a weird one. Cleaning some kegs today with my normal process. I have a regulator with two outputs. One goes to a 4 way gas manifold in my keezer,, and the other stays out to use for pressurizing kegs mostly while cleaning. Had a keg 100% full of oxi - no air space at all. Attached...
  2. Staylow

    Black IPA hop combo

    So I'm brewing a black IPA for someone. Theyre looking for more herbal/floral/earthy/spicy flavors as opposed to citrus or fruit, which is something I've never really done before. Let me know your thoughts on this. 5.5 gal batch 1.069 SG 1.014 FG 76 IBU 86% 2 row 6% midnight wheat 6% carahell...
  3. Staylow

    Flavor impact of citric acid in mash with alkalinity

    I'm brewing a dunkelweisse tomorrow. Looking at my notes from the last one I did, roughly a year ago, it says "3.22 grams citric acid", but no other explanation. I have zero recollection of adding it to that beer, but it came out mighty tasty, but certainly didn't seem tart or citrusy at all...
  4. Staylow

    RIS long term aging: bottle conditioning vs. force carb

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find much of what I was looking for. What do you guys and gals think is best for long term cellaring? Why? Are you against force carb for a beer you may want to cellar for 4 - 5 years? Lets hear it!
  5. Staylow

    Underpitching hefeweizen

    So I'm planning my first hefeweizen, and have read a lot about underpitching and slightly stressing the yeast to bring out more banana character. Stressing the yeast can also be achieved by limiting 02 and skipping any yeast nutrient. My question is: would doing all three be too much, or not...
  6. Staylow

    Dialing-in Beersmith

    Ok, so I've been brewing about 3 years now, and using Beersmith for about 2.5. As far as I can tell, I have all my numbers and settings punched in correctly. My problem is, I nearly always exceed the pre-boil gravity estimate, yet nearly always come up a bit shy on the post-boil reading. What...
  7. Staylow

    Scored some fresh hops - advice?

    So, I got my hands on about 4-5 pounds (estimate) of fresh Centennial hops from a trip to a Wisconsin hops farm on our recent vacation. As I haven't read or researched a whole yet on using wet hops, I'm looking for some advice and general info. I do know I need about 4-6 times as much as normal...
  8. Staylow

    Road trip - good breweries?

    So I'm taking a road trip in a couple weeks through Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Chicago area. As of now, I have plans to stop at both New Glarus and 3 Floyds. This is actually taking place during two separate trips a week apart. Outside of those two, I'm not sure what to look for in...
  9. Staylow

    Blonde Ale The Mob Goes Wild Blonde Ale

    This is a modified recipe that I originally picked up from here: I've had nothing but rave reviews for this beer, even from the BMC crowd - several of whom are now very interested in craft beer, when they used to want nothing to do...
  10. Staylow

    Milk Stout Critique

    Planning to do a milk stout in the near future, as per request of several friends, not to mention I love 'em too. After a bit of research, and playing around in Beersmith, this is what I've got and was hoping to get some feedback. 5.5 lbs Maris Otter - 65% 1 lb flaked wheat - 10% 1 lb black...
  11. Staylow

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Dark Nebula Chocolate Coffee Stout

    Ingredients: ------------ Amt Name %/IBU 8 lbs Pale Malt (6 Row) US (2.0 SRM) 57.1 % 2 lbs Munich Malt - 10L (10.0 SRM) 14.3 % 1 lbs 4.0 oz Chocolate Malt (350.0 SRM) 8.9 % 1 lbs...