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  1. Wolfbayne

    Virginia 15 Gallon corny

    15 Gallon Ball lock corny keg with the top draft system. I used the corny for conditioning and then drew from the top with jumper to smaller kegs. Or this can be used as serving vessel. I will post pics this afternoon once I get home from work. I decide to delete the photo I took verses...
  2. Wolfbayne

    LaMotte Water Testing Kit

    I am looking for any input from the HBT group on the LaMotte Water Testing Kit (s). I received one for Christmas this year and really surprised as to how easy it is to use. Has anyone had trouble with 1) using the kit and getting off numbers based on a Ward Lab test, or 2) difficulties...
  3. Wolfbayne

    10 and 5 gallon Conrey Issue(s)

    Looking to see if anyone else who has the 10 or 15 gallon Corney kegs had problems finding fitting for rebuilds? I am trying to rebuild the one that is attached in the pic, but the website for the eyewash station doesn't have the specs on the posts. Measuring they come out to be 9/16 x 18...
  4. Wolfbayne

    Fort Irwin Anyone?

    Just moved in and looking to see if there are others out here that are brewing between rotations?
  5. Wolfbayne

    Ft. Irwin Bound

    Looks like its that time again for us to PCS. This time we are heading to Ft Irwin, CA. Anybody on the HBT stationed there? Maybe we can meet up and brew, swap brews, and BBQ. Any local homebrew stores in Barstow or surrounding area? Or is it all online ordering for there? Any good...
  6. Wolfbayne

    How Clean is Your ChillPlate?

    Evening HBT, Been using a chill plate for awhile? Always had the dark cloud in the back of your mind on how clean is clean with all the sealed plates? After brewing I run mine through the gambit...PBW both forward and reverse....baking it at 300 degrees and higher for 60+...
  7. Wolfbayne

    Show us your HOP BLOCKER!

    Show off your different ideas for a Hop Blocker. There are several DIYers out there with great ideas and some commercial ones that dont work that well as advertised.
  8. Wolfbayne

    Mashtun Manifold

    Currently building a copper manifold for mashtun and got into a discussion about holes or slits in the manifold? Is there a reason some dremel slits verses drilling holes? To me it seems to be comparing apples to apples, but is there actual logic behind it? Is it pressures and allowing more...
  9. Wolfbayne

    Anyone have Heady Topper?

    I am looking to trade some Jester King for a Heady Topper. Anybody interested? Cheers!
  10. Wolfbayne

    IPA Bread...??

    I dont know if this would work or not but has anyone ever used post boiled hops in an addition to making a spent grain bread recipe? If you have tried it...results? and maybe share a recipe or two? Cheers!
  11. Wolfbayne

    IPA's Historical Question/Discussion

    We have an internal club/friendly discussion about IPAs and how they were created historically and should we incorporate this technique in our IPA recipes today. During the beginning days of IPAs, they were aged and shipped in casks. These casks were made of a lighter oak that were cold...
  12. Wolfbayne

    Spunding Valve(s)

    Looking at doing natural carbing in c-kegs and looking at using SPUNDING VALVES. Anybody have pros/cons to using this method? The way I understand through my reading is that (joe proof breakdown 1. You finish 2 to 5 points higher than you FG. 2. Rack to c-keg...
  13. Wolfbayne

    InLine Thermometer

    This might be an old concept, but I just wanted to share a simple in line thermometer technique that wont break the bank. Cost total of about $12 and have an easy to clean/sanitize in line thermometer compared to the expensive one. Material list: Fermentor sticker thermometer thing...
  14. Wolfbayne

    Bottling Day!

    Pineapple Wine SG: 1.040 FG: 1.000 Aged 5 months before bottling. Now we will give it a little more time to condition in the bottle. This is going to make a great sipping/snacking wine for a Spring weekend in TX! Sad that the wine is clearer than the wine glass!