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    Wine from Welch's concentrate

    Cheapo wine kits at Costco = 25 bucks, ready in one month and it tastes like wine is supposed to and not grape kool-aid with everclear................
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    hefeweizen yeast harvest

    Most/many commercial Hefeweizens use a different yeast for bottle conditioning than for main fermentation, typically a clean lager yeast. Since the correct yeast is available to homebrewers and is very affordable, I wouldn't bother with trying to cultivate from a bottle.
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    Attention all Canadians!

    Try these people too:
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    Wine from Welch's concentrate

    I can attest to that first hand. Glad I only made a small batch.:cross:
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    German or Pacman for a Cream?

    Many commercial cream ales today use a lager yeast but ferment at room temps. I do this all the time using Saflager yeast. Niether of the yeast you have on hand are 'authentic' so you can pretty well do what you want.
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    First All Grain Bavarian Hefeweizen on tap!

    Not odd, normal. Weizens of all types will eventually clear as the yeast settles to the bottom. Weizens are never (never say never) served on tap in Germany, always in bottle so that you can re-suspend the yeast at pouring time. I have a hefeweizen on tap at home, but pull the keg out of the...
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    Mexican Lager?

    Those two beers are actually Vienna lagers or Maerzens in style. Look for recipes under that name.
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    International Micro-Breweries

    Depending where you are in Germany, you'll find lots of local beers and/or brewpubs too. I always ran out of time before I ran out of beer.
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    Lagering screw up

    Yes, and it doesn't sound like you've lagered it yet. The lagering process includes letting it sit at near freezing temperatures for a few months after primary fermentation has finished.
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    HELP-with Motor speed control

    Sort of, the bypass would connect to the outlet of the pump and go to the inlet. If you wanted full flow, you block the bypass. Partial flow, you open the bypass partially.
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    Pint is a legal measure and not subjective.

    Hmm - you misspelled 'yokels'. I think this is a criminal offense in some southern US states. The perpetrator will be found innocent by providing the defence 'But your honour (sorry 'honor') he NEEDED killin' :rockin:
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    Pint is a legal measure and not subjective.

    That's the best logic you can present? I can only suggest that you broaden your horizons a little. There's plenty of places (including the US) where the temperature goes above and below the zero point on the F scale on a given day. Can we now debate the spelling of aluminum vs. aluminium...
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    Pint is a legal measure and not subjective.

    But water DOESN'T freeze at 32, it freezes at 0. In the metric world.
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    Secondary Size

    Yes it matters very much. Beer is very sensitive to oxydation, particularly after fermentation and release of CO2 has slowed down. Either increase your batch size, get a smaller carboy, or use sanitized marbels to take up the excess space.
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    HELP-with Motor speed control

    Or you can simply bypass part of the flow back into the pump inlet. A valve on the bypass line will allow you to make very precise adjustments and not worry about overloading the pump.
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    Pint is a legal measure and not subjective.

    So the humans that were brought up knowing only the Celsius system (this being the overwhelming majority of the world, as the US is the last country to still use degrees F) cannot relate to that system on a human scale? Ouch. :drunk:
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    Pint is a legal measure and not subjective.

    Posting this on a US-based web site is bound to get lots of sympathy because the US still uses the pint, quart, gallon measure as it's only recognized system. If the event had happened in the US, I would lean more to agreeing with the poster. I'm pretty sure that the bar tender and waitress in...
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    Pint is a legal measure and not subjective.

    I specifically and deliberately said 'liquid volume'- in the post that you quoted. I also gave only examples using liquid measure. :drunk: Not at all- you've gone off on a tangent regarding international trade which has nothing to do with the original subject.
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    Pint is a legal measure and not subjective.

    The Japanese yen is not official tender in Canada- only the Canadian dollar is. Jerry cans may be marked in US, Imperial, metric and furlongs per fortnight if that still exists. None of them are certified as being legal for trade, just like your bathroom scale. Yes we 'recognize' US dollars...