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    Power cord with inline 240V GFI protection

    $1100 sounds really high. A spa panel costa about $80 in my area. To wire in a 30amp plug about 2 feet away from my main panel in the garage cost about $170. I would get a second or third quote.
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    Odd size tri-clamp

    Outsize flange of 5-1/8" converted to mm is ~130.2mm. Looking at the chart I linked to, that looks like a 4.5" Tri-clamp. Still an odd-size.
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    Pull-Through Fittings for Soldering Upgrade Hole Size

    So to satisfy my own curiosity I measured the 5 couplers I have at home with a set of calipers. Sizes ranged from 24.0mm (15/16-inch, or 30/32-inch) to 24.8mm (31/32-inch). With most being closer to 24.8mm than 24.0mm. You are in luck in that I recently ordered from Brewhardare two of the...
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    Odd size tri-clamp

    I'd try AliExpress. Before you go there, however. Get your size in both Inch and millimeter. I don't know this seller, but they do include a table in the listing that gives the different measurements.
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    Pull-Through Fittings for Soldering Upgrade Hole Size

    Not all 1/2" couplers (at least the ones in my inventory) are all the same OD. I'd measure mine to let you get a sample of the range, but I'm not home right now. Some sellers might have detailed dimensions, or willing to take measurements for you.
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    50%off discount — Only $10.74 can get one Inkbird waterproof instant read thermometer!

    What the heck. Might as well round out my options with the Inkbird temperature monitoring. Please send me a code.
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    50% OFF - Amazing combo offer for Inkbird ITC-308 temperature controller & INK-HM 20W heat mat

    I would be interested, please. Anything on the horizon for the IPB-16S?