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    Chest freezer cost per month

    ^ That's a great idea. I'll have to do that. Thanks a bunch, everyone!
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    Chest freezer cost per month

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I'll have to swing by home depot and grab one of those kill-a-watt meters. Seems only logical. I guess I should have been more specific in my set up at the moment, I apologize. I don't have a collar on it yet. I'd just been running the temp controller probe...
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    Chest freezer cost per month

    Hey everyone, Just set up a keezer build about 3 weeks ago and got my first electric bill since setting it up. It bumped my monthly bill by $50! Is that normal? What is your normal monthly cost to operate the keezer? Thanks!
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    Age to buy kit in Illinois

    Yeah, I really enjoyed that amber kit lol. They finally just recently added it to their regular inventory as a kit.
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    Age to buy kit in Illinois

    Ehhhh a lot of us go for a propane burner and a good, cheaper one is the $55 Darkstar from Northern Brewer. Get a propane tank and you're set. Like $75-80 total, so not incredibly cheap, but if you have no electric/gas stove, this is about your only option.
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    Head retention vs keg time/age

    There could still be a slight leak in the lid or something. Happened to me just recently. Had half a tank of C02 (5 pound tank) go dead overnight because of a slight leak and the beer was very lightly carbonated at best. Turns out my lid needed some adjusting and now it's all nice and tight. :mug:
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    Worst Craft Breweries

    LynLake Brewery (Minneapolis). I wouldn't really say the beer is the worst I've ever had, but not the best. And the ambiance of the place was very...rustic. Usually rustic ain't bad. But it just felt off there. And the bar is super small. I'm sure as they grow in volume and get a bigger revenue...
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    Help! Continued fusely/alcoholic/hot taste/smell in multiple home-brew batches!

    Hmmm. Can't be sure of an infection without some pics. Could be any number of things producing the things you're talking about. Also, if you brew commercially (I assume you mean for a company or a pub or something), you should know the basic processes for sanitation and everything. Remind me...
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    Chest Freezer Specs and Layouts

    Got a 5.0 cubic foot one from Walmart on Black Friday for $99. Will fit 2 cornies and the 5 lb. tank on the compressor hump just fine. Right now I only have one keg in it, but that will change in about 2 weeks :D :mug:
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    Question about a temp controller

    That foam idea is a great idea. Thanks for the input, man! I put my fermentor in there and monitored the temp for the first few cycles of the compressor and it was ranging from about 38-43 degrees, with the set temp at 41, so that's pretty solid. Now that beer is crashing... :D
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    Question about a temp controller

    Hey everyone. So I just got my freezer and temp controller (Inkbird ITC-308). I plugged it all in to test it out and set it at 40 degrees (gonna do cold crashing soon). It gets to 40, the compressor stops, and then the temp still falls to about 30 degrees, obviously below freezing. Anyone...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Cold crashing and kegging an IPA this weekend (probably cold crashing tomorrow and kegging on Monday or Tuesday). Might brew a simple pale ale if I have time between all the football games lol.
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    Magnum Hop Aroma

    I've used it before in a big IIPA (posted the recipe on here), but it doesn't really add any distinct aroma flavors. I've heard some people say it can give a small hint of spice and fruitiness.
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    2 week cold crash?

    I'd recommend using some cask/bottle conditioning yeast if you can get your hands on it. Danstar makes some. It's made specifically for casks or bottle conditioning. Usually, though, it's 2 grams of dried yeast per 5 gallons. General rule of thumb.
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    Do yeast really clean up after themselves?

    My take is that I always give it an extra day or two than I think it needs. No harm in doing fact, it helps the liver out a bit ;) I'm sure the yeast do clean up after themselves a little bit, and thanks to them, but for those who bottle right as FG is achieved, they may not even...
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    What should I use to hop this beer??

    I like TDB's suggestion, for sure. As he said, it's all about what you want. Here's what I'd do for a nice, citrusy flavor. 1 oz. Magnum (60) 1 oz. Cascade (15) 1 oz. Amarillo (15) 1 oz. Citra (15) 1 oz. Cascade (15) .5 oz. Citra (5) .5 oz. Cascade (5) 2 oz. Citra (flame out) 7 day dry hop...
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    Did my 2 batches get infected????

    Yeah man, I'd say you're solid based on those pics. :mug:
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    Did my 2 batches get infected????

    Nice - it's fun to experiment with various yeast strains. I just did a spiced christmas/holiday ale as a present for family and friends, and I used a specific liquid yeast that produced a fruitier taste at lower fermentation temps. I kept it at about 63 degrees and now there's this really nice...
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    20% off for Inkbird wifi 1500W temperature controller

    I think that says - (negative) 50 degrees F, so I think I'm fine. Plus, a reviewer on Amazon said he used it for a keezer. "Temperature Control Range : -58~210 ° F"
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    Did my 2 batches get infected????

    Yeah, we can't really tell an infection unless we see the top of the beer itself, but I'm sure it's fine. I've had beers up in the mid-70s before during fermentation and everything came out fine. For future reference, lots of yeast strains like lower temps, like low 60s. I usually ferment...