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    Can wine (sangria) be pasteurized?

    I made a fruit wine/sangria and bottled it. Had them on their side in wine rack and so far one bottle exploded and another shot its cork out. I am thinking the the yeast didn’t get killed off in my process. I am wondering if I can pasteurize the wine to prevent further bottle bombs? What would...
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    Best way to bottle a quad?

    I have a Belgian quad I made this past summer and it’s been sitting in a keg on tap for a few months. There’s still quite a bit left due to the wife thinking it’s too strong and friends preferring ipa. So I am looking forward king for suggestions on how to bottle it and age it to mellow the...
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    Wisconsin 2x 7.5 gallon 120v Blichmann Boilcoils

    I have two Blichmann Boilcoils of the 120v variety that I was going to put into a 10gallon to get a faster boil but due to possibly moving within the next year I decided to stick with propane for now. Will sell as a pair for $200 shipped conus. Will post pics tomorrow. Both have never been...
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    Heatshield needed?

    I have a darkstar 2.0 burner and 10 gallon tall boy kettle. I added a ball valve, sightglass, and planning on whirlpool port. My question is do I need a heatshield for these? As you can see in link the putter ring of the darkstar is quite a bit away from the burner itself and the kettle rests on...
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    Copper ok for immersion chiller to control fermentor temps?

    I recently went from immersion chilling to a plate chiller. I also just read an article in BYO in which they make an immersion chiller for fermenting/layering. However in the build they use a stainless chiller. I was wondering if there are any known issues that would advise me that this same...
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    How tall is a 2 1/2 gallon keg

    I have seen measurement of 15" but I am wondering if this is to top of handle or top of keg itself. I have a cube cooler I want to make into a jockey box with keg in it and I have about 16" clearance so if it's to top of handles then I should be able to fit disconnects on it and still fit in...
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    LME to grain conversion

    I am doing a clone recipe that calls for 5.5 pounds of golden light LME with a pound each acidulated malt and caramel malt 10L. I would prefer an all grain so wondering what's the all grain equivalent to the LME. I am newer to all grain and also wondering if I am able to use the steeping...
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    Blichman Boil coil questions

    I have few questions on Blichman Boil Coil 7.5 gallon 120v. My boil kettle is a 10gallon Tall Boy. However I only do 5 gallon batches. Will the coil work for me? Can it be used if I decide to go 10gallons? I would imagine would just take longer to get a Boil going. I was planning on using it...
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    Newbie help!

    I got a kombucha kit and the SCOBY was basically a block about 3"X1"x1". I made the tea and sugar put in container and added SCOBY and starter liquid. The SCOBY sank to bottom after a day or two and what I believe a new one started covering the top. Very thin layer. But then the container got...
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    Belgian roast barley substitute?

    I am planning on brewing a clone of New Glarus Belgian Red Ale and the recipe calls for Belgian Roast Malt. However I am unable to find this exact name malt. It's only half an ounce for a five gallon brew. I however have found other roast barley and wondering if any could be used as sub?
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    Can I filter bottled wine?

    I made my first wine towards beginning of the year and bottled it. Was only a gallon so was like 6 bottles. Thing is since was my first time I didn't think to filter it and now I see floaters and was wondering if I could filter it and rebottle?
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    Idiot site to distinguish types of setups?

    I recent went all-grain and currently use the dual cooler method. I am in familiar with the differences in all the different setups such as RIMS, HERMS AND ETC! Is there a forum or site I can read up on all the different systems without having to research them all individually?
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    BeerSmith profile help needed

    I recently did my first all grain and it's sitting in the fermenter bubbling away. I used BeerSmith to put all ingredients in and such. The only problem I am having is what profiles to use for equipment and mash. I am not up to par with all the all-grain terms yet and plan on learning as I go...
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    Need someone a little more edumacated than I!

    Need someone with one those edumacation! Instead spending $15+ on those fancy strips that you mount in the top of your fridge to hang bottles from, that only hold a 6-pack I was going to just by the neodymium magnets and gorilla glue them in the fridge. Depending on magnet size can get a lot...
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    Yeast starter question

    I made a yeast starter back on Tuesday and put on stir plate with plans to brew either Thursday or Friday (today), however that's not happening. Monday tho is promising! Should I leave starter on stir plate or should I refrigerate it? Or start from scratch?
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    Dry hopping question

    I am working on a Heady Topper "clone" kit I got from Northern Brewer call "Off the Topper." It has a two part dry hop. It also is 6 gallons in fermenter which I have in my 6.5 gallon big mouth fermenter. I did a yeast starter and forgot to adjust amount in fermenter to allow for starter so the...
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    Can wort sit overnight before pitching yeast?

    This may be a newbie question but can I let my cooled wort sit in a fermenter for about 10 hours before I aerate and pitch yeast? I started a brew that's taking little longer than expected and I will be cutting it close to having to leave for work. I plan on aerating and pitching after work.
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    Kegerator and line balancing questions

    Hi everyone! I just turned a spare fridge into a kegerator currently with four taps. Planning on adding a fifth tap eventually for a nitro tap. I plan on having the co2 and beer gas tanks on outside. Question 1: is it usually safe to drill through the side of a fridge or are there coolant line...
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    How much hops do I use?

    In the past I would just purchase and extract kit and brew. I have recently decided to give all grain a try and look up recipes and collect the ingredients. One source I use is "Brew Your Own" magazine. The thing is that they list their hops in a way I am not sure I understand. Here is an...
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    Best app to keep track of craft beer I have tried?

    Looking for some suggestions on the best app(s) to keep track what beers I have tried. I haven't really found one that is both simple to use (scanning upc or quick type) and has a decent library of craft beers. I am not expecting every single beer to be listed but at least the more common ones.