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    undercarbonated ...

    my beer has been in bottles for 3 weeks now, when I pour it into a glass I see a little to no carbonation, but when I shook the bit I left in bottle it showed a very nice carbonation. I tried pouring it every way possible and still don't get any head. anyone knows what am I doing wrong? it's...
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    egg smell after fermentation

    My beer finished fermenting two days ago. I just bottled but there was a noticeable rotten egg smell, not strong tho. I read that stressed yeast can produce such smell, but I'm not quite sure this is the issue here. I turn non alcoholic beer into beer by adding sucrose and bread yeast. I...
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    clear beer

    I bottled a week ago and my beer is suspiciously very clear. Does that mean all yeast has gone into suspension, and it's done conditioning?
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    Brewing in a country with alcohol prohibition

    Hello everybody, I live in a country where alcohol is highly prohibited and of course all materials and equipment that are exclusively related to brewing/fermenting. I used to turn non alcoholic "beer' into regular beer using baking yeast and table sugar, the results weren't so great so I...