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  1. Whatsgoodmiley

    Mash reached 190F

    I attempted to brew a 10% Belgian golden Strong with four temp rests. I hit my b-glucanase rest but barely saturated the 18# of grain. My next rest was 146F but I added 2 gallons of boiling water, as per my mashing calculator I used, and hit 190F. It took me about 10-20 minutes to add ice and...
  2. Whatsgoodmiley

    Scaling a Recipe in Volume and Efficiency

    The owners of a local brewery really enjoyed a beer that I made. So much so that they want me to brew it on their pilot system. If people enjoy it and it sells, I can brew it on their large system. This is really an issue of scaling a recipe to a new Efficiency. I brew 5 gallon batches at 63%...
  3. Whatsgoodmiley

    3 year old dry yeast

    Guy gave me a bag of dry yeast satchets that he'd kept in his freezer for three years. I feel that if I take 3 satchets of Belle Saison, and make a starter, I should be fine. Any thoughts for/against?
  4. Whatsgoodmiley

    Aging Sour Ale Temperature

    I have a bottle of JK Atrial Rubicite that has been aging for about 7 months at 65-75F. Just got to thinking, is this too hot? If so, should I just cave and drink it now? I'd like to save it for the anniversary but if it is at risk of having turned a little, I'd like to drink it before then...
  5. Whatsgoodmiley

    Calculating sugar additions as percent of gravity contributions

    I read an article, thread, or post at one point or another that discussed how brewers should stop listing sugar additions as a percentage of the grain bill and instead list it as a percentage of the ppg contributions. I believe the reasoning was that sugar is 100% fermentable, whereas malts are...
  6. Whatsgoodmiley

    Wheat Beer Mash W/O Rice Hulls

    I ordered everything but the rice hulls for my wheat beer recipe. The recipe will be 36% wheat, 7% flaked oats, and the rest barley. Can I do a glucan rest or any other technique that will help me avoid a stuck sparge? I would like to avoid having to make the 30 minute drive to the LHBS but I...
  7. Whatsgoodmiley

    Can pbw be used on vynil tubing?

    I've searched but I don't see any information on it. I've soaked in star san to try to clean my gunky blowoff tube, but it isn't working. I'm hoping I can use pbw and maybe a long chain of pipe cleaners/towelling.
  8. Whatsgoodmiley

    Another Efficiency Issue

    My first brew all-grain batch was a few days ago. 9 lb. pale ale malt and 1 lb. Vienna. My efficiency was somewhere between 70-75%. I just finished brewing my IPA tonight. It was 10 lb. pale ale malt, 1 lb. honey malt, and 1 lb. golden naked oats and I just measured the OG of my 5 gallons of...
  9. Whatsgoodmiley

    SS Washer Braid Brands

    I recently bought this on Amazon: The braid is super flimsy. I was expecting a viagra-stiff braid and I ended up with a...
  10. Whatsgoodmiley

    2.5 year old ingredients

    I have acquired a bunch of beer equipment that a guy bought and never used. I have his two beer kits... That are 2.5 years old. Normally, I wouldn't consider using them, but they were kept frozen for the entire time he stored them, they are exactly what I need for a beer I've been wanting to...
  11. Whatsgoodmiley

    Easy Lavender Blonde Recipe

    I'm looking to make an easy, cheap, and extremely floral SMASH blonde for my wife, since she tried and loved a lavender common ale at smiling toad brewery. This is my first recipe so I'm aiming for simple but not boring. Please let me know if anything looks dumb or if you have any suggestions...
  12. Whatsgoodmiley

    Kegging temperature/pressure question

    I'm new to kegging but I'm familiar with the gas laws. I've chilled my keg and found a serving pressure I am comfortable with. However, I've done this by putting keg into a 10 gallon cooler with lots of ice. I'm using the keg at my wedding but I don't need it for a few more days. If I disconnect...
  13. Whatsgoodmiley

    Temperature and Oxidation in bottled beers

    I've been brewing and bottling multiple batches of beer. I bottled my porter mid-April, my hopped mead and Irish red on May 20 and 23, and I have stored them away in carboard boxes at room temperature. I plan on keeping them until my wedding on August 14. Do I need to worry about oxidation and...
  14. Whatsgoodmiley

    Circular braid vs. false bottom

    I'm switching to AG. I've bought the 10 gal. circular cooler and now I have to decide between installing a false bottom and a circular braid. Questions: 1) I'm confident both are very efficient and I know that the braid will reduce the chance of stuck mashes and may filter more...
  15. Whatsgoodmiley

    Corking sparkling wine

    I've collected around 15 of the 25 bottles I need to bottle my 5 gallons of sparkling wine for my wedding. Those bottles are Dom Pierre champagne bottles. I ordered #8 size corks and they do not fit at all. Has anyone had any experience with using these bottles? I do not know what size to order...
  16. Whatsgoodmiley

    Increasing the body post fermentation

    I've been brewing some batches of beer from extract kits for the wedding. Everyone agreed that my coffee porter (FG near 1.002) was too thin bodied and wasn't sweet enough. I believe my Irish red will suffer the same fate (FG is around 1.004). If I could back I would have scorched the malt to...
  17. Whatsgoodmiley

    White forms on surface of beer

    I racked this Irish red ale from primary and noticed a white sludge on the inside of the tubing I used (I sanitize my equipment before and after each use and I used it recently). I now have this growth. Reasons I suspect it is an infection: - airlock solution hadn't moved during the 5 days...
  18. Whatsgoodmiley

    Cold crashing without a fridge

    I'm wanting to cold crash my hopped mead but I don't have access to a fridge (especially not a temp controlled one). I am thinking I could place my 5 gal carboy into a larger bucket, fill it with ice, and insulate the bucket and carboy with towels and replace the ice once or twice a day. Does...
  19. Whatsgoodmiley

    Wine blending question (basic)

    I have 1 gallon of some wine that I have been brewing for my wedding. It is made from store-bought 100% white grape peach juice, FAJC, D47 yeast, a some yeast nutrient, and a touch of pectic enzyme. It has been going steadily for around two weeks now (cannot check how long, it is recorded on my...
  20. Whatsgoodmiley

    What is a brite tank?

    I understand a brite tank is used for carbonating beer. However, is it used in conjunction with a CO2 tank or does it produce CO2, therefore negating the need for a CO2 tank? Please respond ASAP, need information for essay I am writing.