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    Just finished fermenting lager, can I racking in a corny and still keeping there for lagering? Should I carbonate or not ? Thanks a lot for any one help
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    Canadian blonde

    Is coopers canadian blonde kit an ale or others ? Any one help inform me ?
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    Co2 tank

    Any one can help giving information how much CO2 gas can fill maximum in 5 gallon tank by weight ? I just filled in gas store only get 1 kilogram weight.
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    I am brewing coopers english bitter kit with LME, after 8 days fermenting at 15 degrees C , OG 1.040 became 1.012 for 2 days with kit provided yeast. I decided add 300 grm sugar with some LMe and refermenting, springkled half sachet safalle s-04. Any one could help me by giving information...
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    Tropical fruit

    Sometimes I put tropical fruit in my wine fermenting, any idea if mix in beer brewing? I am living in asia ( indonesia) . Looking forward any suggestions. Thanks
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    All grain brewing

    I have been brewing several times with beerkits in can, also satisfied with my new kegging set. I think want to learn simple all grain brewing. Anyone can recommend me what equiptments have to buy ? Thanks
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    Carbed lager

    Can I let carbed lager inside the corny sitting in room temperature 25 degrees C for weeks ? Thanks for helps
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    Anyone does know wether hop can grow in tropical place ?
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    Lager sos

    Anyone does any help to tell me why my lager kit with LME after 3 days fermentation becoming too slow nearly stop. Brewing in ac room 20 degrees C. Hydrometer reading 1.020 . Can i use bread yeast or wine yeast to restarting, as no stock of beer yeast. Need helppppppp
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    Brewing lager

    I am new in homebrewing. Now brewing lager beerkit with LME at 21* C . But why after only 3 days the fermentation becoming too slow nearly stop. Please help me
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    Brewing lager

    I am brewing lager with LME at 21 * C . Why after 3 days the fermentation becoming very slow nearly stop. Anyone could help me