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    The forgotten sour

    Brewed a sour in July and forgot it in the garage till today. Here is a pic. Going to rack today? Thoughts? Ruined? bad? poison?
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    Hello: I was wondering if this brew was infected? Thoughts? Its not bubbling. It does not look like any bacteria I've ever seen. I was HOPING it was some left over hops / irish moss that didn't get strained and have been forced to the surface? This was an IPA btw with 7 oz of hops...
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    1 week into primary it looks like this..... thoughts? The bubbles worry me. I don't like the look of them. Recipe btw 6 lbs LME Merris otter 2 lbs DME Amber steeping grains 5 oz Victory 5 oz roasted 5 oz peated Hopish items 2 oz northern brewer (60 minutes) 1...
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    Order Gas

    Hello- So I am very new to kegging. Literally this is my first time putting beer into it a week or so ago. I have a 3 gallon keg. Everything was going fine. By high pressure gauge was at 1000 but I noticed over a week it had gone down a few hundred points. Then I put my 3 gallon keg into...
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    Sweet Rye Stout partial mash idea-

    I want to brew a sweet stout with Rye added into the mix to kick it up a notch as they say. Here is what I was thinking. Critiques? Suggestions? I am not experienced with partial mashes but have done one once. Use a standard sweet stout recipe (hello brewing for dummies) 6 lbs Pale...
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    Wee heavy conversion help

    I was hoping to brew a wee heavy and wanted to do a partial mash to add some more dimension to the brew. Below is what I would start at for a standard extract brew recipe. I was hoping to incorporate Peated Malt, oak chips to simulate an oak barrel, and heather cause its scottish into what...
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    What I ended up with

    6 light DME 3 dark DME 1 lb honey 3 oz cascade bittering 2 lbs crystal 1/2 lbs flaked barley 1/2 lbs wheat malt 1/2 lbs munich malt 1/4 lbs roasted barley 1 oz chinook flavor (10 min flavor) edinburgh ale yeast from WL I made a starter, and boy I have fermentation...
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    Cyser Question...

    LAST October I brewed a Cyser with: 15 lbs honey 4 gallons apple juice 1 gallon water assorted spices Champagne yeast (dry from WL) now its been a while and I was wondering if I should 1. Carbonate? 2. as I continue aging should I add oak cubes??? What do you think?
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    New recipie idea

    Just tell me what you think 3 lbs dark 8 lbs light 1 lbs honey high gravity yeast 4 oz yet to be named Hops.....
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    Oak Barrels

    I was looking around, and I was thinking about buying a 5 gallon oak wine barrel for aging my mead in......what do you think? I've seen used Kentucky ones (from CA wineries) for about $150... Cliff
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    How long

    Hello everyone: I am in the process of making my first batch of mead. here is the recipie I used: 4 gallons Apple Juice- no preservatives, only flash pasturisized, some brown sugar, cinnamon, etc 15 lbs of honey 1 gallon water I used champagne yeast Its been in my primary...