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    Wyeast 1098 alcohol tolerance in barleywine

    I brewed a 1.101 barleywine today, all Maris Otter mashed at 148-149. Pitched one smack pack of wyeast 1098 into 3.25 gal of wort. I'm hoping to get down to 1.020 or so. What's the highest ABV you guys have gotten this yeast to do? I'm also considering pitching another smack pack tomorrow, as...
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    would a beta-glucan rest help with high-rye beer?

    I tried brewing a 70% rye malt "ryewine" yesterday. 4.25 kg rye malt, 2 kg pale malt, 0.8 kg rice hulls. The wort was super syrupy. I mashed at 65 C (149 F) for 60 minutes, single infusion. I was wondering if a beta-glucan rest before the sacch rest would have helped to reduce the viscosity of...
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    red star pasteur champagne yeast attenuation question

    I brewed 3 gallons of a strawberry mead today. OG was 1.090 with 7 lbs of honey and 3 pounds of pureed strawberries. Also added 1.5 tsp yeastex yeast nutrient. I am curious as to what this yeast will ferment down to. I'm expecting close to 1.000, is this a reasonable estimate? On another...
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    triple fermentation question

    I brewed a triple 3 weeks ago. ~3 gallons post boil, 8.5 lbs pilsner, 1.25 lbs dextrose in the kettle. mashed at 149-150 for 75 min, boiled for 75 min. started fermentation at 64 F with ~300-400 ml of 3 weeks old WLP530 slurry (from a brewery), so no starter. It rose to 72-74 after a few...
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    safe to bottle?

    I have a black spiced wit that I bottled to last saturday, and the FG was 1.023-1.024 (OG 1.071) after 2 weeks. I used WLP550 Belgian Ale Yeast @ about 66-68. The brew was from a big community brew batch in Baltimore, an 80 gallon all grain brew, and i took home 4 gallons of wort to ferment...
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    decoction mashing trouble - protein rest

    So i decided to do a protein rest decoction mash for the first time, because I am making a rye beer with 34% rye and 34% wheat. I did a protein rest at 122 for about a half hour. But, instead of pulling mostly grain for the decoction, I drained off about a third of the wort from my mash tun and...
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    BARLEY WINE recipe critique!

    Hello fellow brewers, I am brewing a barley wine this week and have been looking at a bunch of recipes, while sort of formulating my own from what I have seen. The problem is, I have never brewed a BW and have not used many of the ingredients I am planning to buy, so I'm not sure if the...
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    recipe improvement - nut brown ale

    Please help me improve on this 3 gallon nut brown recipe: 5 lbs Maris Otter 0.5 lbs brown malt 0.5 lbs C-80L 0.5 lbs briess special roast 0.33 victory malt 0.15 lbs chocolate malt 1 oz Willamette (60 min) S-04 yeast mashed at 153 for 1 hr fermented mid 60s OG: 1.051 FG: 1.018...
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    nutty brown recipe critique

    Hello HBT, I wanted to make a really nutty nut brown. I had a really good one last year, Leininkugel Fireside Nut Brown, and that was the nuttiest brown ale I've had. So here's what I came up with: 5 lbs Maris Otter 0.75 lbs brown malt 0.4 lbs victory malt 0.4 lbs biscuit malt 0.2 lbs...
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    All Grain but Partial Boil 5 gallon batches

    So I've been doing partial mashes and boiling about 4 gallons of wort in my 5 gallon pot, but I would like to switch to AG. I'm thinking of converting a 5 gallon cooler to a mash tun. However, I can't boil more than 4 gallons on my small stove, and I would rather not do a split boil. I'm...
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    Pumpkin Ale question about malts

    I am brewing a partial mash pumpkin ale: 2 lbs. 2 row 1 lb C 60L 1 lb Victory 3.3 lbs light LME 1 lb light DME 1 lb dark brown sugar 58 oz canned pumpkin 2 oz East Kent Golding 5.8% AA 4.5 tsp spice At the LBHS, they were out of light LME, so I replaced both the liquid and dry...
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    accidentally dropped iodophor in yeast wash

    So I was washing my yeast from the carboy, and after I put water in and let it settle I decided to try to siphon it from the carboy to a big mason jar and I accidentally dropped the whole tubing of iodophor solution into the carboy. It was about a 4 foot piece of tubing. It was about 12.5 ppm...
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    how long to soak oak chips in beer?

    I brewed a rye ipa and after a week of fermentation i put about 2 oz of american oak chips in my fermenter. I put the oak chips in a bit of 160-170 degree water for about 10 min and dumped the water and chips into my carboy. How long should i let the chips soak before bottling? I was...
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    large amount of liquid i need a starter?

    If I have enough liquid yeast, do I need to make a starter before pitching? I have 1.5 cups of chico liquid yeast from flying dog brewery that I got 4 weeks ago, and it is still very active when I take it out of the fridge (the plastic water bottle it is in keeps expanding). Is this enough...
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    false bottom question

    I am planning on converting a 10 gallon round rubbermaid cooler into a mash lauter tun for AG!! I want to use a false bottom and I was going to buy a 12'' one online somewhere. Are there false bottoms that sit above the spigot of the mash tun? (So I wouldn't have to make a siphon tube to draw...
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    Zest of 5 oranges too much in a wit???

    I zested 5 medium oranges down to where it was getting white, mostly light orange. It came to about a tennis ball sized clump of zest (maybe a bit smaller). I didn't weight it but it was about 5 packed tablespoons. Was this too much for a 5 gallon batch of witbier??
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    orange peel and coriander spicing in witbier

    I just brewed a partial-mash witbier for the first time and I added about 0.6 oz freshly crushed coriander, fresh zest from 5 medium oranges, and 3 chamomile teabags. The zest was pretty heavy with water and it came to about 5 tablespoons. I added everything at 5 min left in the boil. My...
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    safbrew wb-06

    I just pitched my rehydrated wb-06 into my partial mash witbier with an OG of 1.56. It's sitting at 65 degrees right now. What is a good temperature for this yeast? I added alot of coriander and fresh orange peel, so i'm not looking for much banana flavor contribution from the yeast.
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    fermentation temperature question

    I just brewed my first batch (a red ale) from an extract kit and i pitched the rehydrated and primed yeast (nottingham dry) into my carboy fermentor at about 70 degrees. After 24 hours, it was bubbling like crazy (couple times a second), with the wort temp around 72-74. I have been reading that...