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    Stout season is upon us. What do you think of this recipe?

    So summer days are almost gone, and although I still can enjoy a tropical IPA in a cold day, there is nothing better than a hearty chocolatey Stout to warm my insides. After looking up for recipes and tweaking it on BeerSmith this is what i came up with: 0.5 Kg (10 lbs) Pale Malt (5-7EBC)...
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    Capper broke on bottling day!

    Title says it all, this last Sunday I was bottling an IPA and my capper broke catastrophically. Fortunately it was at the end of my bottling session, and I just had two more bottles to cap, so i didn't waste a lot of beer. I think I would've lost it if it was right at the start. Time to...
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    My first IPA. Would love some advice!

    I'm going to brew my first IPA. Since I have yet to invest in a grain mill, I'm using an all-grain recipe from my local homebrew supply store as a start. And the grain bill for a 5 gallon batch (19 liters) is the following: - 6 kg (13,22 lbs) - Pale Ale Malt - 320 g (0,7 lbs) - Crystal...