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    Mypin ta4 overshooting

    The "out1" stays illuminated after the setpoint has been reached.
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    Mypin ta4 overshooting

    The sensor is reading the correct temperature. I checked it with a thermapen. It won't shut off at all. I let it run to see if maybe it'd cut out after a certain differential, but it just kept climbing.
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    Mypin ta4 overshooting

    So months back, I bought one of Tom Hargrave's assesmbled controllers. I was fortunate enough to get it, but now that he has my money, he won't answer any questions I have concerning it. So I watched a few videos on youtube and finally figured out how to set the temperature. The problem I'm...
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    Looking for feedback on Juicy Fruit IPA recipe

    Add that orange peel to secondary instead of during the boil. You'll get more aroma that way. I've found that 1g per 1L seems to do the trick.
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    1.75gal ball lock or 2.5gal??

    I have two 2.5 gallon ball lock kegs and love them. They're big enough to carbonate 1 gal batches, and fit perfectly in my fridge. They're also big enough to split a regular 5 gallon batch say I want to dry-hop half a batch differently.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    + 5 gallons American IPA 2700
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    5 gallons of English IPA 590.5
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    Brewer's Hardware trub filter, any users?

    I have one, but can't get it to work without using a pump. Word of caution: This sucker is heavy. It tipped over one of my smaller kettles one session when I took my eyes off of it. Messy floor.
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    Ball valves suck, trying out 1/2" threaded butterfly valves

    I have a bunch of them on my setup and love them. You couldn't PAY me to go back to those bolted ball valves.
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    What can I 'repurpose' from a washer and dryer

    I've heard of guys pulling the motors out of the washer to motorize their mills.
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    Dances With WLP080 Cream Ale

    I just pitched this into a cream ale I made over the weekend. I'll post back once it's carbed up.
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    Racking To Bottling Bucket Question

    It something happens to your siphon, cut the hose off of it and use it to manually start a gravity siphon.
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    best dry hops

    I've yet to get any grassiness out of it. But then again, I only dry hop with it during high krausen and pull it after 5 days.
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    best dry hops

    I like Amarillo and Galaxy together. It's a fruit-bomb.
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    IPA recipe turned out weird

    There's probably not enough sulfate in your brewing water.
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    Brett saison with spirulina?

    I've brewed with spirulina. I frequent Freetail Brewing and tried to replicate their spirulina wit for a saint paddy's party. I added the powder in secondary. It turned the beer a beautiful color of green, but tasted strongly of fish. It was undrinkable. I had to replace the seals in that keg to...
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    Building a SIMPLE electric boil kettle.

    I must have gotten seriously lucky because I purchased that amazon controller before reading anything about Hargrave. I bought it through amazon and received it promptly. Hell he was even pretty accommodating and switched the dryer plug out for an L6-30 for me. Responded to my emails and...
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    New House Questions

    Ok, so the dryer is on a separate breaker on the exterior of the house. That outlet in the 3rd picture is attached to the 40a breaker. The outlet is located right under the breaker box in the garage. Can I just replace the undersized wires with the appropriate sized ones when I replace the wall...
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    New House Questions

    So I just moved into a "new" old house. In my previous house, I used to just plug my controller into the dryer outlet. It was a pain in the ass, and as I know now, dangerous. So now I have my controller running through a gfci line cord. This house has what I'm assuming is a 240v outlet in the...