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    Got rickrolled by my job today

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
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    Clockwise? Counterclockwise?

    Look at it from the other side and tell us what direction it is going.
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    Thanks a bunch guys. Started to worry a little when I found the bag unopened. But no worries. Thanks again.
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    Can you add Malto-Dextrin to the secondary? I forgot to add it when I was making the beer. It has been in primary for over 2 weeks and I can rack it to secondary if I can add in the Malto-Dextrin. What do you guys think?
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    Porter not hitting FG?

    You might try raising the temp a little on the fermenter. What is is at now?
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    Brewing with my son

    Nice shirts.
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    Brewers tend to be cooks

    I too enjoy cooking. I sometimes cook to relax, although you wouldn't be able to tell as I can get very concentrated on what I am doing and sometimes look like I am going to explode. I usually kick everyone out of the kitchen as not to be disturbed. I sometimes think it would be fun to be...
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    Meat and butchers.

    I buy most of my meat from a butcher in Eagle River, Alaska. It takes a 30 min drive but it is worth it. The meat has no hormones and they will cut it to your liking. They don't have any "hanging" meat but they do make fresh brats and other sausages. My favorite is their double smoked...
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    Bottling Party

    No idea here on how to get started, but it sounds like fun.
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    Brewing with my son

    He turns 9 at the end of the month. Next I am going to introduce him to the bottle/carboy brushes. We will see if he still has the interest after that.
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    Brewing with my son

    Decided to pick up some things at the brewshop tonight for a porter and a stout. After seeing all the new stuff that I bought, my son wanted to help out. I have been trying to come up with ways the two of us can do things together, so this was a great oportunity for that. I had him weigh out...
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    Thats why I read

    My volume increases as well. Guess it is better than getting into fights. Most everyone in my family is the same.
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    I never get bored of this.

    I don't get tired of it either. I even like the smell from the airlock. Nice video.
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    Bubbles from auto siphon

    I had the same problem. I just pushed more tubing onto the can and they stopped. How far on the can does your tubing go? Try pushing it on further.
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    Flies in the Airlock?!!!!!

    Thanks for the replies. I had either vodka or gin in the airlock. Guess I kind of freaked when I saw the flies, but sounds like I should be fine. Thanks again.
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    Flies in the Airlock?!!!!!

    I transferred my cider into secondary today and noticed that the airlock on another carboy needed to be topped up. No problem right? Except when I add to it I notice about 10 fruit flies that float to the top of the airlock!!! Do you guys think the airlock did what it was supposed to do and...
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    Starter or just use the dry yeast with kit

    You might have a little longer to wait before fermentation starts with just the smack pack, but it will work. I have only been using starters for the last few batches. Before that ALL I used was the smack pack. You can use any DME you want, but you should pick one that either is similar to...
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    Brewpot size

    I recently bought a 40qt pot and am very happy with it. Lots of room on my 5 gal batches. But if you plan on doing 10gal batches you will need bigger. Might as well spend the little extra now.
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    leaving the country...looking for a beer to condition a while

    I have a "groaning ale" that I am conditioning for several months. Got it from The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide that I have had for years. It has a OG of 1.079. It has some honey in it if you are looking for that. It still has about 2 months left to go.
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    Beer Line

    I have a 10' section of tubing that I bought some time ago. Guess it is time to put it to use. I will try it and let you know. Thanks for the help.