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    Iowa Keggle w/ball valve and pickup tube for sale/trade

    I've got a keggle with a weldless ball valve and a pickup tube. Works great, just wanting to go back to a kettle. So looking for *checks amazon prices* $68.59, or straight up trade for a 10gal or larger SS Kettle. Local only, shipping is the worst, eastern iowa.
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    Cloudy Cider (not the question you're thinking of)

    So... the server at a local brewery had this wild idea to make a beer that glitters, because she saw it online. The brewer just kept making fun of her, as he should. I told her I'd help, but only if it were a cider, to save all the time and hassle of a real mash. From what I can tell...
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    Iowa March 815 Stainless Steel Pump + Random Camlock Fittings

    Dropping the price on the pump, 100+actual shipping. Any takers?
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    Iowa March 815 Stainless Steel Pump + Random Camlock Fittings

    Camlocks are sold, will listen to offers on the pump
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    Iowa March 815 Stainless Steel Pump + Random Camlock Fittings

    March 815 SS Pump, used about a half dozen times. Right now it's got a valve + barb on one end and a camlock on the other, but if you want both ends camlocked that's fine by me. - $125 + shipping Some Camlocks/fittings - Stainless Steel 1/2" Male camlock x 1/2" male NPT - Style F x 2 (3 if...
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    Virginia FS: 95% Complete eHERMS System

    I can't afford this, but I just wanted to say damn, that is some sexy wiring.
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    Best for mini conversions?

    So at my kid's 1yrold birthday yesterday I accidentally pierced a line and my previous danby 4.4 is headed to the scrap heap. Is there a new "best mini fridge" recommendation? In a perfect world it would fit two pin locks and a 5lb tank, but beggars can't be choosers... Need to have the new...
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    Sold, thanks. I'll try and figure out how lock this
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    Sale pending
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    Iowa New 1BBl Electric Brewery

    I passed this link on to someone who might be interested. Good luck, it's a beauty.
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    Any takers at $50? Just want to get this thing moving.
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    I've got the parts for a 120v 1-1/2" SS RIMS tube. I put it together, ran water through it, never got around to re-wrapping one of the threads, and never used it. Gathering dust in the garage, figure I should sell it off. I have: 1x - 8" SS Pipe 3x - 1-1/2" NPT Male to 1/2" NPT Female...
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    Passive cooling for PVC draft tower

    This still working well? Downsizing to a tower, had built a PVC pipe, and this looks a lot nicer than other solutions I'd looked into.
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    Dave's Carmel Apple Cider

    Hmm, thanks for the heads up. I may drop the dextrose entirely, so as not to make an 8% cider on accident. Juice + yeast/nutrient, drop the campden in with the syrup, cold carb, and taste. If too dry, add a can of AJC. Sounds like a plan, thanks. Glad someone else went for a more dry...
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    Dave's Carmel Apple Cider

    Looking to do this, but want a semi-sweet situation, so thinking of dropping the dextrose down to 1 cup, using a Lalvin EC1118 to get it super dry, then backsweetening with the syrup and two cans of AJC, tossing in the campden and then immediately kegging and keeping it cold to prevent it from...
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    Easy Peasy Pear

    Did the 75% pear / 25% apple + turbinado come out with the pear taste? I'm thinking of doing this for my kid's first birthday party, which will have a lot of non-beer drinkers there. The 75/25/turbinado + a little malic acid for a twinge of sour apple flavor (malic acid is the stuff on the...
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    WTB - Thermapen

    I'm a brewer, I'm also into smoking/bbq, so a thermapen is finally a reasonable investment. I don't need the latest and greatest, so if anyone has an older model thermapen they're looking to sell, would love to hear from you. Thanks
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    Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

    Borked the efficiency somehow on this and ended up with a bit over 5 gallons at 1.085 into the fermenter. Pondering doing a small second boil, starting with a gallon of water and 2lb of dme, cooling, and adding to primary. This would lead to a better outcome than straight sugar yes? The idea...
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    Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

    Thanks. Accidentally put in a quarter pound of flaked wheat before realizing it wasn't oats... We'll see how that turns out too. Heh