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    Anyone here use Garetz?

    While at my favorite local brewery, From The Barrel in Londonderry, NH, I was showing a recipe I had come up with to the brewer just to get his opinion on it and see if there was anything I could do to make this the hoppiest IIPA I've ever made. First thing he did was change my IBU calculator in...
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    Ingredients on hand/ recipe formulation

    So I do 1 gallon batches and have recently switched to all grain. I'm having a really difficult time coming up with my own recipes and was wondering if I could post what I have on hand and see if I could maybe get some ideas as to what my possibilities are. As far as the types of beers I like...
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    IIPA recipe critique

    Hey guys So this is the first all grain recipe I've designed myself and was wondering if I could get some feedback. The only part I don't have written is the mash steps. I have those in my head, along with temps and everything, just having difficulty translating it into my software. This is...
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    Partial Mash or not?

    Hi, new brewer here. I'm 8 batches in on one gallon brewing. Gonna be transitioning to all grain shortly. I wanted to use my extra extract and grains before I do this, and came up with (what I think would be a) ridiculously strong American Barleywine. I've got 1 pound of Rahr 2 Row, 1 pound of...