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  1. thumpersk_a

    Ohmbrew automations fermostat

    I have a fermostat dual stage controller with 12" probe. I have used it for 4-5 beers now. I have had good results until recently. I had a Lager going at 54F and leave town for work and return after being gone for 2 days. When i go check my brew i find it sitting at 126F. The controller stuck in...
  2. thumpersk_a

    Water profile after ward labs test

    Hello all. I finally ordered a water profile test from ward labs. I tried using bru'n water but it doesn't work on mobile devices I guess. I don't have a computer to use. I'm going to post my water profile because I have no idea where to go from here to adjust my profile. I know it depends on...
  3. thumpersk_a

    Ezryder and his tank supply business I bought an oxygen tank from Ezryder. I had my tank within a few days of placing an order. Well packaged. Current hydro test. My gas supplier did not hesitate to swap tanks. He has a tank selling business and supports these forums. Just...
  4. thumpersk_a

    Whats the beer 8 ball say after a good shake?

    Brewed a batch of beer a few days ago, used sweet orange peel in the batch. Thought i got all the orange peel cleaned up. There happened to be a big chunk stuck in the valve when i cracked it open on the kolsch that i just brewed....ooops kicking my self. I boil on a propane burner. Im hoping...
  5. thumpersk_a

    Dual stage fermenter

    Here is the new setup. Redbull refrigerator hooked to a fermostat dual stage programable controller. Havent tried heat mode yet. The controller is simple to write a program for and easy to setup. So far it works great except the redbull insignia.
  6. thumpersk_a

    Hops and hitting IBU numbers

    Quote: Originally Posted by CSI View Post Chimay Grande Réserve (Blue), TRIAL 001 This initial recipe was drafted from BLAM and the Chimay Blue label declaration of ingredients, (water, malted barley, wheat, sugar, hops, yeast). Where ingredients like "caramel malt" were generalized in the...
  7. thumpersk_a

    COLD TOWER tower coolers review

    I posted this awhile back not knowing this review chat forum was here. But i thought it was important so im putting it in here for the record. Hey all. I built a keezer and needed a tower cooler for it and the party we are having in a couple days. Being short on time i decided to order a COLD...
  8. thumpersk_a

    Cold tower review

    Hey all. I built a keezer and needed a tower cooler for it and the party we are having in a couple days. Being short on time i decided to order a COLD TOWER, tower cooler. This item arrived and would not work. Little bit of diagnosis revealed that the Female DC power plug on the blower unit had...
  9. thumpersk_a

    stout faucet parts on my work in progress keezer

    Hi all I have a keezer I built and have an old guinness faucet I put on it and have searched the Web looking for parts kits. I can't find anything. I am looking mostly for o-rings and the ones on the faucet are oddball I guess. The hardware stores don't have most of the sizes. Any one have a...