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  1. Poolplayer

    Entrepreneur Magazine: New Belgium article

    One of my coworkers handed me this magazine since it had an article on New Belgium's President and her rise from basement to almost a 100 million dollar company in 20 years. Good to know our kind can get some recognition out there right? :tank: This is the Nov-09' issue.
  2. Poolplayer

    Something for the ladies

    Alrighty then, My friend and I thought it would be good to let the ladies partake in one of our cooking days and pick out a kit that would suit them. My wife was not thrilled with my NBA, and I can't just throw her out in the street :rolleyes: . If she's a Mich Golden drinker, what would...
  3. Poolplayer

    First Batch success!!

    Alright!! My first run of NBA as a beginning homebrewer and I'm plenty pleased with the results. A nice release of gas from the bottlecap, a great head and plenty of bubbles throughout the consumable process :ban: from Beer #2 I can tell the alcohol level is certainly there as well :drunk: ...