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  1. Kmo4040

    Auber Instruments SSR's

    Anyone here use Auber Instruments' SSR's ? If so are they any good? Any failures? Thanks!
  2. Kmo4040

    Stainless steel conical fermenter for beer and wine?

    Can you use the same stainless steel conical fermenter for both wine and wort rotating between the two? My wife loves wine and I wanted to be able to make homemade batches of it and if possible use the same stainless steel conicals that I use for my beer and then go back to brewing beer is...
  3. Kmo4040

    Michigan BrewTroller Phoenix and 3 RGBIO8 boards for sale (NEW)

    I have a new BrewTroller Phoenix and 3 RGBIO8 boards for sale. Price $160 with free shipping to USA. I paid a total of over $320 for these items. I will also throw in a din mount for the brewtroller. I decided to go a different route. I was going to build something similar to BlackHeart's...
  4. Kmo4040

    Brewtroller Tutorials ?

    Does anyone know a good place to find brewtroller tutorials? I have searched their website and downloaded the manual, but it doesn't have much information about specifics. I am currently in the design phase and would like to order as much of my parts as possible before I begin to build. I...
  5. Kmo4040

    BrewTroller - Status lights

    I am in the process of planning my Brewtroller build and had a few questions. I have already purchased a Brewtroller and 3 RGBIO8's to control the led's for the lights of the switches. They will tell me if the switches are in the on, off, or auto position. Is there a way to also have the...
  6. Kmo4040

    Raspberry Pints number of taps?

    Does anyone know the number of taps the raspberry pints supports? Thanks
  7. Kmo4040

    Is Anyone using a bubbler to measure volume in your mash tun?

    Is Anyone using a bubbler to measure volume in your mash tun? I am in the process of designing my new herms system with a brewtroller and was going to install fittings for the hlt and boil kettle for volume measurement, but I did not know if the the grain weight in the mash tun would allow the...
  8. Kmo4040

    3 phase devices used on 2 phase

    I am trying to locate a 2 phase 4 wire connector for 50 Amps, and so far have not found a single one. I have found 3 phase connectors at 50 Amps rated for 125/250V. Are there any problems using this? Or does anyone have a link to a better product? Thanks