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  1. Jim_Holmes

    Got free bottles to give away? Post 'em here!

    Ive got 7 cases maybe more of good bottles for anyone who wants to come get them in shelbyville , illinois. Some may need labels removed cant remember
  2. Jim_Holmes

    Mixed berry wine?
  3. Jim_Holmes

    Free Logos or Beer Labels

    this is kinda what i came up with myself for the T&J Cellars wine lable using microsoft paint. but still need something for Bare Facts Brewing
  4. Jim_Holmes

    Blackberry Wine suggestions on varities

    i grow thornless blackberries in my backyard ( cant tell you what variety since i got the plants from my deceased father) and ive picked wild blackberries . my thornless actually have better flavor and get bigger berries than the wild. i just started making wine this year so havnt tried them for...
  5. Jim_Holmes

    Reusable Beer Labels ?

    i use these not reuseable but some designs are free to use you just print them out
  6. Jim_Holmes

    Free Logos or Beer Labels

    and for the beer side my name is Bare Facts Brewing , was thinking the name across the top with a picture of a bear hugging a brew pot ( think winnie the pooh holding the honey jar ) in a field of barley , with a hop plant draped over his arm. sounds good, would be impossible for me to make it...
  7. Jim_Holmes

    Free Logos or Beer Labels

    heres one for you this is a caricature of my wife and i . i started making wine for my wife because she doesnt drink a lot of beer. The name will be T&J Cellars maybe in an arc across the top with a vineyard background and the caricature superimposed on top of it.
  8. Jim_Holmes

    Reference Corks

    somebody on here might know about them
  9. Jim_Holmes

    Priorities for a noob

    first of all you need a pot to cook in ( doesnt have to be an expensive shiny one ) i started with a stoneware canning pot, second you need sanitizer for the pot and anything else that will touch the wort, third you need ingredients a simple extract kit is great for a start (just follow the...
  10. Jim_Holmes

    Recommendations On Finding A Spot to Brew

    are you in an apartment or house ? if a house buy a shed and turn it into a brewshed. if in an apartment and you dont want to move look into an E-BIAB setup minimal space takeup and no worry of propane indoors. best i can come up with
  11. Jim_Holmes

    Anvil Brew Kettle or Not

    the 5.5 gallon kettle is pretty small you might want to get a bigger one i went with an 8 gallon for my full boil 5 gallon BIAB batches and when the boil gets rolling its pretty close to being undersized. your choice but if you spend money on that small kettle youll just be spending it over in a...
  12. Jim_Holmes

    Welch's Grape Juice Wine

    i just started a half gallon of this tonight
  13. Jim_Holmes

    wilserbrewer BIAB Bags, Superbowl Sale and Free Pool Giveaway

    Thank you Wilser my info has been sent
  14. Jim_Holmes

    Any Bacon Makers Here?

    did (canadian bacon ) today used morton tender quick and brown sugar its in the fridge now for the 24hr wait then slice and try :mug:
  15. Jim_Holmes

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    did (canadian bacon ) today morton tender quick and brown sugar in the fridge now for the 24hr wait then slice and try:mug: