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    Munich Dunkel Keck's Munich Dunkel (1st place, 2014 MCAB qualifier)

    This recipe has gone through multiple versions, and this version was settled upon by me after iteratively reducing crystal malts and increasing pilsner malt until there is no crystal/CaraMunich in this recipe. Munich Dunkel 4.5 lbs Munich Type II (10 SRM) 4 lbs German Pilsner (2 SRM) 1...
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    WLP820 vs. WLP860 fermentation lag times

    Quick blurb on the notoriously long lag time of WLP820. This will probably be my last time using it. Last Sunday, 4/27/2014, I brewed 11 gallons of Oktoberfest. Recipe was similar to the BCS recipe: 6.5 lb each of Vienna, Munich 10L, and Pilsner 1 lb Caramunich 56L 1 lb Melanoidin malt...
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    Clone Beer Allagash Black Clone

    Our homebrew club organized a clone competition for Allagash Black, and enlisted the help of the brewers at Allagash to judge the entries. My recipe below was selected as the winner of the competition. There were about 15 judges who sampled the entries, and overall the feedback was that this was...