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  1. the bunnay

    Sorachi Ace in an IPA?

    After being exposed to Sorachi Ace hops in an AHS seasonal (South by Southwheat), I decided I really dug the lemon pepper notes. We've used it to great effect in wheat beers and a lighter saison, but I'm wondering about incorporating it into a hoppier style as they have a good alpha acid...
  2. the bunnay

    Lambic Sorbet

    Tenchiro & I made sorbet, and oh Man what sorbet it was. ingredients: 3c. mixed berries (1pt. raspberries, 1pt blackberries & a few strawberries), lindeman's kriek lambic (the recipe that inspired us was made with the framboise, but what can i say, i'm a cherry lambic girl.), 0.25c. honey...