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  1. andrhamm

    Massachusetts MA - Grainfather Connect brand new never used + accessories $900

    grainfather is sold, quickcarb and keezer still for sale
  2. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Keezer! 2 SS Taps, 2 CO2 tanks, 5x 3 gallon kegs + more $400

    I'm selling my custom keezer as I'm leaving the homebrew hobby until my kids grow up and I have more free time. It's in great working condition, looks pretty good, and is everything you need to start serving carbonated beverages at home. When I stopped brewing beer, I was using this for...
  3. andrhamm

    Massachusetts MA - Grainfather Connect brand new never used + accessories $900

    I recently downsized from a custom 20 gallon electric home brewery due to lack of free time for brewing. I chose the GrainFather system because it is electric and all-in-one. Unfortunately I still don't have enough free time for brew days and I'm now looking to give up home brewing until my kids...
  4. andrhamm

    Confessions...My beer doesnt taste good

    I wouldn’t call homebrewing simple or hard to screw up. I’ve been brewing for 6 years and spent probably $10k on the hobby and I still dont think I’m very good at it. My main focus now is to simplify simplify simplify. I sold my big custom electric system and bought a grainfather so I can focus...
  5. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Electric Brewery for sale!

    Nope, couldnt figure out how to mark as sold without bumping. I do have ssbrewtech conical for sale though
  6. andrhamm

    Looking for 2" Triclover -5500 Watt Ripple ULWD Element

    PBW strips teflon right off, FYI
  7. andrhamm

    Looking for 2" Triclover -5500 Watt Ripple ULWD Element

    eBrew supply has 5500w SS ripple elements. They don't have integrated TC but they have awesome heavy duty enclosures. Way beefier than the brew hardware ones. Highly recommended:
  8. andrhamm

    Serving Nitro Beers Correctly

    I've enjoyed some fine IPAs on Nitro, also by Left Hand I believe
  9. andrhamm


    Just ordered my GF from Northern Brewer and saved $200 with the sale they have going right now (20% off any single item)!
  10. andrhamm

    Anyone Using Auber All In One BIAB Kit?

    Not using the kit, but my experiences with Auber have been great. Looks like a great kit!
  11. andrhamm

    Massachusetts SSBrewTech Chronical 7 w/ Upgrades and more

    Selling my gently used stainless steel SSBrewTech Chronical 7 fermentor in excellent condition. Upgrades include casters, SS blowoff cane, domed 3" TC lid, CIP spray ball, and a butterfly valve. Also selling some other misc items including a DIY RIMS tube, and a BrewersHardware inline filter...
  12. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Electric Brewery for sale!

    I had a buyer back out of a sale and this system is still available. I've reduced my price on the control panel from $1500 to $1200, which includes the assembled control panel, 3 NPT RTD temp probes with 12ft cords, 4-prong 240v power cable, and a heavy duty TV wall mount. Add the 2 Stainless...
  13. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Electric Brewery for sale!

    The element enclosure is not included with the RIMS tube for the price listed in the spreadsheet, but it does come with mounting hardware and a 2" Triclamp to 1/2" FNPT fitting for mounting an temp probe. The enclosures are bundled with the heating elements and cables, but hoping to sell the...
  14. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Electric Brewery for sale!

    I love the Hydra. I originally used a plate chiller (Blichmann) but got fed with it clogging every single batch. Even got the expensive filter from BrewersHardware to try to combat it but it makes for a lot more cleaning and wasted beer in the lines. Immersion chillers ftw! Let me know if...
  15. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Electric Brewery for sale!

    The MT kettle is about 17.5" diameter by 16.5" height (plus the bottom drain TC port, probably about an inch or so). The basket fits nicely inside and is a solid walled stainless steel basket with only the bottom being mesh (this is to keep the wort flowing down through the grain bed instead of...
  16. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Electric Brewery for sale!

    15 Gallons
  17. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Electric Brewery for sale!

    I'm selling my 30 amp TheElectricBrewery control panel, brand new custom stainless Mash Tun w/ Mash Basket, brand new triclamp RIMS tube, ebrew boil kettle, pumps, SS elements, tons of SS fittings, SS quick disconnect hoses, and much much more. I haven't had time to brew since before my daughter...
  18. andrhamm

    Who makes custom kettles with TC port ON BOTTOM?

    Also not interested in weldless, just want welded TC ports. I got a really great quote from Colorado Brewing Systems so I'm pursuing more details from them. Sounds like at least a 3 week turnaround since a blank kettle would have to be ordered from their manufacturer in order to do the...