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  1. Docbruw

    Docbruw's E-HERMS build (yup another one)

    Well I've been browsing this electric brewing section for a long time now. Researched all the regular electric brewing sites. Watched all the you tube videos I could fine. Saved most of my beer brewing money and slowly purchased all the pieces and parts I would need to upgrade my brew house...
  2. Docbruw

    How much wire did you use in your panel?

    For those 50 amp panel builders. How much wire did you use of each gauge? I realize everyone's panels are different so I'm just trying to put together and average.
  3. Docbruw

    Adding 240v outlet

    So I'm in the first stages of switching to electric and the first stage is adding 24v0 power to the brewery. Here's my question I have a Murray panel and finding breakers is less than easy. I know you are supposed to use the same brand breakers as the panel but do Siemens breakers work in...