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  1. ExoticMeadMaker

    Hebal tea lineup

    This weekend I will be making 4, 1-gallon batches using a variety of teas from Teavana. Some of the ingredients for the "Herbal Teas" sound interesting, and to have them already expertly blended should be helpful. WILD ORANGE BLOSSOM HERBAL TEA, Ingredients:Apple pieces, hibiscus flowers...
  2. ExoticMeadMaker

    Post your blunder

    So I thought it would be fun to create a thread to share bloopers or blunders we've experienced. I'll start: Happened to me today; I was doing some secondary rackings and had poured some sanitizing solution into the receiving carboy. Well then the phone rang, so I answered it, etc...
  3. ExoticMeadMaker

    using multiple different yeasts in one batch

    I did a search and got alot of results, but none jumped out as answering my questions for wine or more importantly to me, mead. So i apologize if this question has been answered and/or beaten to death. Has anyone ever used two or more different types of yeast to produce and exploit benefits...