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  1. stokems

    Wire heating up.

    I used my ink bird to regulate the temp on my rims tube and the wire for the plug and going to the ink bird was a little on the hot side. Is that normal?
  2. stokems

    Freezer question?

    So here's the dilemma. I want to remove a rack off of the commercial freezer I have to cold crash and lager my beer in their car boys. As you can see in the pics there are all kinda pipes(which I assume is the freon or whatever the gas might be) running through it. Any solid ideas on how I can...
  3. stokems

    Stuck keg.

    I've got a delicious black Ipa that won't come out of my corny at more than a trickle. It's holding pressure, but no beer. I think the the out flow is mostly blocked, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions on how to get me back to speed? Thanks.
  4. stokems


    Just ordered my malt mill and 55 pound bag of golden promise cannot wait for to arrive!
  5. stokems

    Belgo anise RIS by Stone

    I don't think I've tasted anything So succulent in my life! Bravo Stone!
  6. stokems

    Columbus brewing session

    Brewing a beautiful "Burleywine". 25lbs of malt, 10lbs of extract, Belgian candy sugar, and the motherload of hops!!! I love free days off.
  7. stokems

    Taking over

    I'm obsessed, but I don't care.
  8. stokems

    Almost done

    Well, it's been slow going but the outside is done. I just need to put in the inside components and wire. Brew table, e-kettles and rims are done. Main control panel Rims and pump Boil kettle Hlt Bottom of panel Close up Close up of rims. Made of 1.5" brass.
  9. stokems

    Control panel

    Well thankfully for fathers day I got to do some drilling and test the knobs and lights on my "Kal" inspired beast. I'm gonna paint it pine green and mount it on a tv stand arm on my rolling brew stand. hopefully it all works fine without snags.
  10. stokems

    Fresh cider

    Just wanted to show it.
  11. stokems

    1 yr. Mead

    Year old blackberry mead I forgot about in my cellar. I'm like " look at my mead, look at my mead!" Delicious!
  12. stokems


    I'm converting from propane to electric, Sooo.......I finished all my drilling and used Kal's way of putting the element in. I just have one problem. I can't get the nut to screw on the end of the element. Seriously need some help here. Don't want to Wreck my keggle. Any ideas?
  13. stokems

    Wee heavy

    Just cracked a Sam Adams Wee heavy. I must say......pretty nice. Smoky peat, malty goodness and a 10 abv bite warms the tummy. I give it an 8 out of 10 blingmanns.
  14. stokems

    Wire gauge

    For my rims I have a 1500w element. I was wondering if a 16/3 wire is the right gauge to safely wire it? Thanks guys, MJ
  15. stokems


    How do most people afford this? Seriously, I've drop 2-300$ over the last few months and am no where near the control panel that I'd like. My wife is gonna toss me out if I keep buying misc. stuff from eBay and amazon. Well.......time to butter her up.
  16. stokems


    I felt myself slipping. A little here, a few hits there, I said I could stop any time. I was wrong. I'd find myself waking up in the middle of the night with cravings. I needed answers. I am an addict. I'm addicted to and boy this is an awesome addiction. Brewings my passion and diy...
  17. stokems

    Aluminum fittings for RIMS?

    I was wondering if it's feasable to use aluminum. People boil in it, its food grade for the most part and it sure is alot cheaper for the fittings in comparison to stainless. Any ideas or comment please?
  18. stokems

    Brewing Revvy's blonde

    Smells great and enjoying Rogues yellow snow ipa. Now that liven baby!:mug:
  19. stokems

    co2/regulator help.

    1) I just got my kegging kit. Wicked NOOB to using the co2 tank and regulator. Which guage tells me the ps1 of the keg and the one on how much is left in the tank. 2) I just filled it on wenesday and now its empty. I left it open full to 30 psi to carb up pils for 2 day and then dropped to 13...
  20. stokems

    My keezer

    just built and holds 5# co2 cannister, 2 cornies, and an assortment of bottles. Lovin' it!