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  1. johnsnownw

    Minneapolis Water Profile

    I finally got the info I asked for from Minneapolis Water! I compiled these two excel sheets from the data, and all numbers have been rounded. If information was missing from the original info, it is listed as "n/a". Total alkalinity was listed as CaCO3, and I have included HCO3 which I...
  2. johnsnownw

    Rolling Boil

    I started a similar thread on BeerAdvocate, and thought some might find it helpful here, as well. I was wondering if people could post a short video on the type of rolling boil they get with whatever source they use. The BTU #'s don't really give people a tangible idea of what type of boil...
  3. johnsnownw

    Saison Heather Saison

    This grain-bill borrows heavily from "Cottage House Saison" recipe, but the recipe is different enough that I felt I shouldn't hijack the original thread. 8.5 lbs Golden Promise 1.5 lbs White Wheat .5 lbs CaraMunich .5 lbs Flaked Oats 1 lbs Honey - 5 min (Mine was from a local farm here...
  4. johnsnownw

    Specialty IPA: Rye IPA Just Another Rye IPA

    Grainbill: 10 lbs Golden Promise 3 lbs Pale Malt, Maris Otter 2 lbs Rye Malt 8.0 oz Honey Malt 8.0 oz Rye, Flaked Hop Schedule: 0.50 oz Magnum - Boil 60.0...
  5. johnsnownw

    For those using ferm chambers.

    I've waited to post this until I've had consistent results over several brews. I used to use some bubble wrap to isolate the temperature probe from ambient. I now use these two products instead: So, the method is as such: 1. Tape the probe to the carboy/bucket. 2. Tape the pipe...
  6. johnsnownw

    Kegerator CO2 pass through solution.

    I didn't seen anything like this with a cursory search through the forum, so I thought I'd share. So, I was looking for ways to seal the fridge once I drilled a hole for the CO2 line, and it just so happens that a garden hose washer is the perfect size. It's just slightly smaller than the...
  7. johnsnownw

    Idea for Better Bottle Blow-off Tube.

    As the title suggests, it's a blow-off tube for a Better Bottle. I hadn't seen anyone use this set-up before, so I thought I'd post. It uses a 5/8" hose, and Medium carboy bung with a nipple. No modification needed. This cost me > $5. Here it is attached. You just place the tube...
  8. johnsnownw

    Equatorial Pale Ale

    Recipe: Equatorial Pale Ale TYPE: All Grain Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 6.85 gal Post Boil Volume: 5.72 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 5.00 gal Bottling Volume: 4.25 gal Estimated OG: 1.060 SG Estimated Color: 9.2 SRM Estimated IBU: 36.1 IBUs Brewhouse...
  9. johnsnownw

    Did I just oxidize my entire 5 gallons of beer?

    So, started using a BB with the spigot and racking adapter...had a 1/2 inch silicone hose attached to the spigot and was racking into bottling "bucket". The beer wouldn't completely take up the volume of the hose until the last gallon or so. Meaning that there was clearly air inside the hose...
  10. johnsnownw

    Want to use WL005 but with a West Coast Hop flavor/aroma profile.

    Is this a good idea? It's for use in a Pale Ale. I'm looking at this because the wife doesn't like overly bitter beers. So my thinking is that I can use this yeast to limit hop bite, while keeping a tropical hop profile. Using Simcoe, Citra, and Rakau. Using Munich, Honey, and Aromatic Malt...
  11. johnsnownw

    Strong Scottish Ale Recipe Feedback.

    Anyone see any glaring omissions in this recipe, or have suggestions? Thanks! Style: Strong Scotch Ale TYPE: All Grain Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 7.15 gal Post Boil Volume: 5.46 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 5.00 gal Estimated OG: 1.085 SG Estimated Color...
  12. johnsnownw

    BeerSmith giving incorrect mash volumes?

    Never mind, figured it out.
  13. johnsnownw

    Chest Freezer 5.3 cu. ft. from Menards as ferm chamber.

    So, there was a thread giving details of certain freezers for use as keezers, but I couldn't find the same for ferm chambers. Anyway, this is information about the Professional Series 5.3 cu. ft. chest freezer (Model #PS72541) at Menards ($143). The above is a 6 gallon better bottle, fits...
  14. johnsnownw

    A question for those that are using a chest freezer and temp controller.

    Have any of you had success with installing the temperature probe without drilling into the freezer? So, the question would pertain only to those that are using it as stock...without a collar. I'm wondering if I can't just cut a small notch in the "weather stripping" around the lid and run...
  15. johnsnownw

    2013 Charity Draft of Draft plus you could win a kegerator.

    This was posted to facebook, and seems interesting. You may want to go to the website yourself as clicking the link I've provided gives me an extra chance to win.
  16. johnsnownw

    I put raisins in this batch!

    So, I've added some raisins that I reconstituted in sherry to this next cider. It goes as follows: 3 gallons AJ 1.9 lbs clover honey 2 cups sherry raisins 3/4 tsp Acid Blend 3 tsp Yeast Nutrient Safale S04 I'll let you guys know how it goes. P.S. I know because I used honey it's...
  17. johnsnownw

    My Banana Cider Recipe, what do you think?

    So, for my next cider I'll be making a test 1 gallon batch. Recipe as follows: 80 fl oz cider 33.8 oz Looza Banana Nectar .6lbs light brown sugar Safale S-04 Yeast 1 Tsp Yeast Nutrient Let ferment out, then rack to 2nd carboy and cold crash. Anything not look right?
  18. johnsnownw

    Are my priming measurements correct?

    Hello All, Great forum and great information. I've been soaking up this information and want to make sure I've got this all straight. The plan is to prime 1 gallon of cider, which I have just put in the carboy tonight. I plan on bottling in about a week, and priming with 2 oz of maple...