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  1. reefriot

    89 feet of Bev Seal Ultra 45.00 shipped

    Recently I purchased someone's equipment and ended up with all this beverage line I don't need. There is 89 feet of 3/16 Id line and a swagging tool. I don't want to piece out so 45.00 shipped for all of it.
  2. reefriot

    Oregon Couple digital scales for sale

    Just got a new scale so selling off my old ones. Pelouze 4010 150lb max weight Has remote display with AC adapter holds a 5gal bucket nicely.50.00-shipped
  3. reefriot

    Chugger stainless wet end

    Looking for a stainless wet end for a chugger/march pump. Please let me know a price if you have one. Thanks
  4. reefriot

    Oregon Drip trays perlick 525 secondary regulators

    ALL SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Selling some things I got in a package deal that I do not need. I use USPS shipping flat rate boxes most will fit in small box drip tray will not fit in flat rate. Micro Matic secondary regulator model VCM2000 with 5 port distribution block -35.00+shipping 2 Perlick...
  5. reefriot

    Oregon 2 Cornelius Flow control Faucets

    Got these in a lot of stuff some time ago and still havent found a use for them. They are very slick looking but have a larger than standard thread so cant be used with normal shanks. There are 1" shanks attached and would work just fine on a tower setup but I dont have a tower. I have hooked...
  6. reefriot

    Oregon Spring Cleaning Stainless

    Going thru stuff I bought and never used or no longer use. Buyer pays shipping and I use flat rate boxes 10" flat false bottom for keggle-15.00 Krome drip tray with 1/2" coupler for drain nice and clean-20.00
  7. reefriot

    Oregon 3 new Flexable gas line for sale

    SOLD PLEASE DELETE Well going differant route and I have 3 brand new 4' long stainless 1/2" MIP X 1/2" MIP flexable hose. Ea comes with a 3/4" MIP adapter. Would like to sell all 3 together if possible. 25.00 plus actual shipping
  8. reefriot

    Oregon FS: 2 Flow control German Cornelius Faucets

    So I have been sitting on these for over a year to use but they have a 1" shank so only good for a tower or similiar. Just got done building my new keezer and didnt do a tower so they need to find a better home. They are made in Germany by Cornelius and have the removable European spout. Body...
  9. reefriot

    anyone aged in scotch whisky?

    About 8 months ago i had a small accident with a bottle of Chivas Regal 18. Bottle broke and left me with a 1/3rd that might have glass shards in it. Instead of tossing it i added it to a mason jar with oak cubes. Its been resting on these for 8 months now. Just finished up a 12% strong scotch...
  10. reefriot

    Central Oregon Brewery releasing beer for our troops

    Please share and drink up! Every beer sold benefits our returning troops...
  11. reefriot

    New central Oregon brewery releasing IPA for our troops returning to Afganastan.

    Please check it out and share. All sales of this beer benefit our troops so drink up...
  12. reefriot

    Local brewery fighting cancer with new label.

    So one of my favorite local breweries is raising funds to fight cancer with a nice new label. Nothing like getting to the point!
  13. reefriot

    Oregon 2011 crop Galena pellets 3 lb bag 22 bucks shipped

    ALL SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Well i aquired a 10 lb sealed bag of Galena pellets from 2011 crop. These came from a failed brewery and have been kept in a sealed mylar bag in the freezer until 7/7/14 when i opened them and split them up. I will not use this much so i have 2 bags for sale. Each weighs 3...
  14. reefriot

    FT: Russian River Consecration. Want Hill Farmstead or Jester King

    I have 2 bottles of RR Consecration to trade. Would like to try something from Hill Farmstead or Jester King. Hit me up if you want to trade.
  15. reefriot

    Oregon 8 gal Mini Brew conicle fermenter

    Selling my mini brew fermenter. Good for 5-6 gal batches. heres a link to my CL ad. I will knock 20 off the price for paid HBT members
  16. reefriot

    Oregon 40 plate chiller with thermo-100 shipped

    Selling a Keg Cowboy 40 plate chiller with Fermentap thermometer and stainless 4-way. Picked it up in a lot buy and do not need. Asking 100 shipped.
  17. reefriot

    Oregon FS: 3 line cold plate and 2 faucets

    SOLD I have a nice 3 line cold plate i used last summer in a jockey box. Do not need anymore and would like to see it find a new home. 120.00 shipped with 2 faucets that saw 1 kegs worth of beer.
  18. reefriot

    WTT: Cornelius faucets and shanks with flow control

    So ive had 2 of these for awhile and was going to get a tower and chest freezer but that never happened and these are just collecting dust. There made by Cornelius in Germany. They have short shanks so ment for tower or thin thru wall application. They have removable chrome spouts and a flow...
  19. reefriot

    Oregon 13.2g straight sided keg-45.00

    I have an extra unmodified keg for local sale if someone is looking for a keg to convert. Id also trade it for a ball lock corny. Located in Redmond Or. for pickup.
  20. reefriot

    Need help with sanke D coupler for fermenting

    So i know there are a few threads on this but couldnt find the answers or pics of what im wanting to know. Since i started brewing 10g batches and have access to plenty of 50l sanke kegs i figured i try and use one for fermenting. Have a 10.5% Scotch ale rockin away right now just using a Orange...