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  1. Layne

    Keggerator help

    I bought a 2 keg keggerator, and converted it to 6 taps,and have 6 corney's in it. I have a 7 way splitter hooked to my CO2. The problem I have, is that even after several months, some have noticeable more co2 than others. I thought they would all equalize. No?
  2. Layne

    Beer in Gardena,Ca.

    Will be in Gardena,Ca. in a few weeks on business. Excited to travel to the land of west coast beers for the first time. Will have limited time to play, but most of a sunday to spend in a great beer bar, and need to find a great place to buy some beers to take home. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. Layne

    Best fathersday present

    I had been telling my boys (18&22) that I saw some cool tap handles on this forum, and would maybe make some one day. The went behind my back and ordered the brass inserts, cut the handles from some left over cypress from when we built the bar in our cookroom. They then engraved them on the...
  4. Layne

    Wierd residue

    This is the first time Ive ever seen this. It's a weird residue in the blow of container' where the gas comes out of the hose and hits the glass. It looks like 'smoke soot' , for a lack of a better description. Also, there is NO liquid coming from the tube, only gas. The container has starsan...
  5. Layne

    Keggerator space

    I have a commercial single keg keggerator I can put 3 corneys in it. I am debating getting another one. OR.... Does anyone know if you can fit more than 6 corneys in a 2 keg keggerator?
  6. Layne

    Cleaning tubes and hoses

    How do you clean tubes and hoses used for circulating,transfer, blow off, ect.? I soak in Oxiclean, but there seems to still be a film inside.
  7. Layne

    Cleaning/Sanitizing a Conical

    I have a Blichmann NON-triclamp Do you guys with Conicals, take everything apart to clean/sanitize? Valves and all?
  8. Layne

    Belgian Candy syrp to Beersmith

    Anybody know how to add D90 and D180 Belgian Candy Syrup to Beersmith?
  9. Layne


    Anybody know where I can get a Sainless steel Hose thread to NPT ? I want to go from the cool side (water) of my Plate chiller to Triclamp
  10. Layne

    Keep DME dry

    How do you keep DME dry after opening the bag? This Louisiana humidity is a killer!
  11. Layne

    yeast cake question for tomorrow

    I kegged my SNPA clone yesterday. no dryhop. I left about 3/4 inch of beer covering the yeast, in 6.5 gal carboy. It's in my ferm frige at 38 degrees (from cold crash) Will need yeast tomorrow afternoon maybe 3:00 ish Brewing a bigger beer- Denny's Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter How...
  12. Layne

    Storing my Westie 12s

    I was fortunate to be able to bring back some Westvletern 12s from Belgium. I'd like to let some age, if I can resist drinking them. My brew room stays around 74 degrees, and my beer fridge at at 42 degrees. Would you store them in the fridge or at room temp?
  13. Layne


    Had a great trip to Belgium. Here are a few aged beers we tried, and some special goodies we brought home.
  14. Layne

    St. Bernardus brewery tour

    I am going to be in Antwerp next month. Would like to visit St.Bernardus. Anybody here done that? Have any info on tour availability, and travel logistics? thanks, Layne
  15. Layne

    Brussels hotel reccommendation

    I will be staying in Brussels for one day and one night on an over seas trip. Looking for a hotel reccommendation. Nothing fancy, just clean and comfortable.
  16. Layne

    Attn Blichmann resellers

    I bought a used 14.5 gallon Blichmann Fermentor. I want to buy a new lid seal, new o rings for the valves, a new grommet for the blow off/ airlock, and a new pressure relief valve. Does anybody sell all this stuff? Thanks in advance, Layne
  17. Layne

    Blichmann Fermenter

    I just bought a used 14.5g Blichmann fermenter. (ball valves) I did not get any 'instruction sheet' or other info. Looking for info/advise on use.
  18. Layne

    Break material

    Is there a 'magic number' temp that break material begins to fall out? Trying to fine tune whirlpooling/chilling/filtering/transfering from kettle to fermenter.
  19. Layne

    Mash location temp variation

    Has anyone experimented with mash temp locations? I get varying temps from different locations and depths in my mash tun. AND, I have a RIMS, so was hoping to see more steady temps. I have ordered a temp probe, and will put it in my 22" thermowell, and take lots of readings in my next brew...
  20. Layne

    silly yeast question

    Is there any difference in saving yeast from a fermentation that started with dry yeast vs liquid yeast?