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  1. Smogre

    Cloudy cider

    What was your starting gravity and what is it now?
  2. Smogre

    brahausjoe Chocolate Mead

    The chocolate may come out more as the bite calms down.
  3. Smogre

    Did I do something wrong or am I just impatient?

    hmmm I got slapped around a bit the last time I used the words, "kill" and "yeast" in the same sentence. Fortunately for everyone, hightest and wayneb stepped in with good explanations of that process. Here's a link to the post
  4. Smogre

    Question on aging mead

    Super tough call man. I think I tossed two sticks in mine and I don't especially like cloves so I don't think I used any of that. If they smell potent to you now, they will be potent in the mead. Just remember that you can always add but it's very difficult to subtract. Again, mine aged...
  5. Smogre

    LHBS Pet Peeves

    We're blessed with having a few different shops to pick from and even more if I want to drive far. Which I won't. My old store was great! The gang there would help with recipes. They've moved on to other things and I've moved locations. The new shop is just down the street from me...
  6. Smogre

    Scorching!! Agh help plz

    Oh perfect. I think it will fine.
  7. Smogre

    Scorching!! Agh help plz

    What style of beer did you make? It happened to me once but I was making a big porter. I couldn't tell.
  8. Smogre

    Ultra Noob Airlock Question

    It is not a problem. Also you said above that you filled it with water? I would be putting at least a sanitizer solution in there but not plain ole water. I'm a vodka user myself.
  9. Smogre

    Question on aging mead

    It is my opinion that 1 stick and 1 clover per gallon is way too much. Spices have the tendency to get real heavy real fast. I have a Metheglin that I finally bottled just last weekend. It was spiced with a few sticks. The cinnamon is still very present but not overwhelming...anymore. It...
  10. Smogre

    Cheap way to sanitize wine thief?

    +1 on the spray bottle. However, why spray the inside? Are you putting back in what you just took out? Not me. I drink it. I do it as well and always wondered why.
  11. Smogre

    Funky Smell

    All I can say is the funk will go away.
  12. Smogre


    Thanks for the non-general answer. I couldn't of done it better myself. As a matter of fact, I didn't. :mug:
  13. Smogre


    In general, you would use sorbate to "kill off" the yeast.
  14. Smogre

    Help (with headspace)

    Rolling glass around would make me nervous. I use straps for my glass and get a nice little swirl going by rocking it back and forth. Also, if you make sure to do the half gallon shake thing, do that first. All subsequent juices added will simply mix up with the sugar versus adding the...
  15. Smogre

    Help (with headspace)

    Gotcha. I'm not sure on your source of juice but I get mine from the store in 1 gallon jugs. I'll empty half a jug of juice and then fill it up with the sugar and shake it before adding it to the carboy. CVilleKevin, That is some serious cider Pron! :ban:
  16. Smogre

    Help (with headspace)

    These look fine to me. What is that purple stuff beneath the stoppers? I use blow off tubes for all primaries.
  17. Smogre

    Help (with headspace)

    I would not be worrying about headspace during the primary fermentation. Then again, if I'm using a 5 gallon carboy for a primary, it would be full to the very top "ring" on a glass carboy. I normally do primaries in a 6.5.
  18. Smogre

    Do you support your LHBS?

    Yes. My local shop is great and it's just down the street from me. They have tons of stuff as well.
  19. Smogre

    Bottle wand to sanitize?

    +1 I use it on big bottles. For my standard beer bottles, I use the dishwasher for sanitizing. (Not cleaning)
  20. Smogre

    I've gone pro!

    :mug: Your decision is full of win!