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    Missouri Blichmann Brewery

    Pm sent
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    Help with Equipment Profile in Beersmith 2

    Thank you in advance for your help :) I am looking for someone to guide me through the Equipment Profile I should create/set up using Beersmith 2 for brewing with: Blichmann 15 Gallon Boilmaker as kettle. 10 gallon round cooler with Bazooka screen as mash tun. (Batch sparge) I am...
  3. 1234contact

    15 Gallon Blichmann Boilmaker for 5 gallon batches

    Thanks for the update noreaster40s !
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    hop blocker with whirlpool?

    I just purchased the Blichman Hopblocker, but did not use yet. Any updated info on this product (reviews or experiences)? I sense there are mixed feelings on this product and some deeming it useless? I have a 15 Gallon Boilmaker. Your thoughts?
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    15 Gallon Blichmann Boilmaker for 5 gallon batches

    How is the 15 gallon Boilmaker doing with 5 gallon batches? I too was debating 10g vs 15g - I bought the 10g and returned for the 15 g. I have yet to brew yet, but any suggestions? First time doing all grain as well. Thanks for your chain it was helpful in my decision process. Cheers!
  6. 1234contact

    15g Blichmann Boilermaker + Extras

    Sent you a PM. thanks for your consideration. Cheers! Joe
  7. 1234contact

    10 gal.boilermaker

    I will pick up from you - call me - check PM for my phone # Cheer! Joe