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  1. JasonToews

    Black Friday Deals, Where Are They!?

    Black Friday Deals, Where Are They!? Looking for grain and hop sales mostly, any help would be very much appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. JasonToews

    Right amount of priming sugar for fruit stout.

    Og was 1.050, FG was 1.010. Added 5lbs of raspberries for two weeks. Any ideas on how much priming sugar should be added for bottling? My last batch was too fizzy, looking for soft carbonation as it is a stout. Any help would be much appreciated, thankyou!
  3. JasonToews

    blichmann beer gun troubles

    The problem i'm having is when I press the gas button I don't hear any c02 going into the bottle. My other problem is I can pour the beer into a bottle but the the small black silicone valve on the “U” shaped stainless clip keeps falling off and beer shoots everywhere. Is it just me or have...
  4. JasonToews

    1st decoction mash, 94.3% efficiency?!

    8.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) 7.00 lb Pilsner (2 Row) Ger (2.0 SRM) Made a lager today. Did a protein rest at 122, did a decoction and boiled it for 15 minutes. Then added the decoction back to the mash making my mash 140, so i turned on the burner and heated it up to 149. I then...
  5. JasonToews

    Who wants to trade beer?

    Im from canada bc but i'm able to bring beer across the border and send it from sumas wa. I also have a postal there where i can recieve beer packages. So on that note, who wants to trade beer? I'm a huge fan of ipa's,wheats,belgians,porters,browns,stouts, and ambers. Really don't enjoy...
  6. JasonToews

    Canada Beer for American Beer Trade?

    Looking to do some trades for craft brews. I'm in canada but i do have a us postal address i can recieve packages. Anyone wanna trade something canadian for american?
  7. JasonToews

    Are Decoction mashes actually worth the work?

    I just got myself a fridge that is now setup to be a ferm chamber for lagers. The fridge is very large, so i really wanna use up the space as it will cost a fair bit to run it. So I'm thinking of doing a 10gallon batch of oktoberfest. Is there a big difference in flavor between a decoction...
  8. JasonToews

    Anyone have a recipe that only uses Calypso hops?

    I have a lb of calypso, any recipes out there?
  9. JasonToews

    Anyone have a recipe that taste like Corona?

    So a friend of mine has just been diagnosed with celiac. His go to beer was always Corona and my homebrew heff :) . Anyone know of a solid gluten free recipe similar to the taste of corona?
  10. JasonToews

    Looking to try any nice beer from texas, trade for a canadian craft beer?

    Hey there, I heard there is quite a number of good beers coming out of texas. Does anyone want to trade for something from Canada BC? I have a us postal box that i can receive beer at in sumas wa.
  11. JasonToews

    rum soaked oaked chips in stout.

    just wondering how much rum I should be soaking in 30 grams of oak chips for a 5 gallon
  12. JasonToews

    What do you think of my process

    I usually dough in at 154 for 60 minutes, drain the tun, add mash out water which makes grain 168f for 10 minutes , drain the tun, then add the sparge water all at once which is usually 160f water and leave it in the tun for another 20 minutes. Then i drain, I end up with 6. something gallons...
  13. JasonToews

    I now have 2 lbs of citra and 1lb cascade and centennial pellets. what to make?

    I loooooooooooooooove citra hops and now I have 2 lbs! Any recipes out there?
  14. JasonToews

    Cocoa Powder question

    When people say 2 oz's cocoa powder, do they mean by weight? Meaning 56 grams or do they mean 2 oz by volume like out out shotglasses. Curious as I am making a stout
  15. JasonToews

    Anyone wanna trade dogfish head beer for something Canadian?

    looking for something from dogfish head like 60,90 or 120 minute ipa. And possibly something else from them. Let me know if you would like to trade. Cheers!
  16. JasonToews

    Looking for Cascade,Citra and Mt Hood IPA recipe

    anyone got one?
  17. JasonToews

    1Lb of Cascade Pellets coming, any recipe suggestions?

    Looking for a nice beer to make with only cascade pellets, any recipe suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and thanks inadvance.
  18. JasonToews

    Asked Sierra Nevada Brewing about Torpedo Extra IPA Recipe. Here it is!

    I emailed Sierra Nevada Brewing, asking if they could point in the right direction of making their Torpedo Extra IPA since I absolutely love that beer. This was the response. Just incase anyone else is in the same boat here it is! 90% Pale 2-row 7% Caramel (60L) 3% EuroPils (Munich would...
  19. JasonToews

    6 Months In. Pellical Picture

    Still in primary 6 months.
  20. JasonToews

    Wyeast STRAIN: 3711 is a monster!

    Brewed a winter warmer with this. OG was 1.084 FG so far the fg is 1.012 in 7 days! making a 9.4% beer. Suprisingly this beer is very smooth, never tryed this strain befor. "while sipping on St-Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale" this beer is pretty good if you can find it. St-Ambroise...