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  1. DanaDana

    Massachusetts 6th Annual MVHBC Competition

    Hey guys, registration for entries and judging / stewarding are up for this years comp. Even if you can't come out to judge make sure to get those great beers entered!
  2. DanaDana

    Massachusetts NHBC Conference Ticket

    This has been sold
  3. DanaDana

    Massachusetts HBC ticket - don't need to be AHA

    This has been sold
  4. DanaDana

    Too much boil off?

    In advance, sorry if this has already been answered, I can't seem to find exactly what I was looking for. I had just complete a SMaSH with Pilsner Malt and Soveirgn Hops and my post boil amount was MUCH lower than calculated. I have done plenty of all grain batches and I typically hit my...
  5. DanaDana

    What can I make in a rush?

    I was going to make a Black IPA for a friends birthday, but life interrupted by brewing schedule (damn you real world!). I don't have enough time to make it as I want it in the keg on Mothers Day or the Monday after (May 13-14) to serve May 19. I would be making something this week, but I'm...
  6. DanaDana

    First Annual MVHBC Homebrewing Competition Enter your homebrews, and if you are in the area sign up to Judge or Steward! Should be a great event, so get your best brews and send them in. REGISTRATION OPENS: APRIL 1st, 2012 ENTRY DEADLINE: MAY 5th, 2012 Competition Date: MAY 19, 2012
  7. DanaDana

    Doughing in question

    First, I apologize if this has been covered already but couldn't find a thread about it. I always read about people adding grains to their water when doughing in. I have done multiple AG batches and always put my grains in first and the add my water. Is there any issues or negative effects...
  8. DanaDana

    Critique my Split SMaSH

    Looking to try something new, so I'm doing a SMaSH and splitting the batch to make a blackberry as well. LEt me know if you think anything will be a problem. Planning on making this tomorrow night. Split Batch Pils German Pilsner (Pils) Recipe Specs ---------------- Batch Size (G)...
  9. DanaDana

    Critique my recipe - Agave Double Brown

    Hello all, I made this recipe for a home brew club competition. I made it on my own based off of some combinations of browns and honey brown recipies I found. I didn't plan on it being a high gravity beer, but I was doing my own crazy math. (Should have noticed when the grains starting going...
  10. DanaDana

    split batch; same yeast; one clear

    Sorry if this had been posted before, but I couldn't find a thread searching for it. I made Revvys take on the Kentucky Common. I made up 10 gallons and pitched the same yeast (so5) in both. Brewed on Friday ad today; one with 4.5 gallons is really cleared out ad the other with 5.5 galllons...
  11. DanaDana

    What I'm making tonight.

    I'm doing a double session to make ground on an Almond Joy Sweet Stout that didn't turn up well. I'm boiling my Gulden Draak Clone now, and will soon start mashing for an IPA, based on some of the recipies in the Zymurgy articles about grain to glass in a week (trying for a Christmas Party)...
  12. DanaDana

    Paticulates in my bottle but not in my beer?

    I had made a clone of the winning ESB recipe from Zymurgy a few months ago. After some initial worry about clarity, it cleared up fine. After pulling a few bottles to bring to friends I saw that the bottle all seemed to have some yeast particles or something attached to the side of all 4...
  13. DanaDana

    Munich malt replacement?

    So I'm looking over recipies for Baltic Porter and I have almost everything on hand. I need 7.5 lbs of munich malt ad was wondering if I can replace that with Marris Otter. Will also have lots of pis malt; crystal; roasted and caramunich. Will this work? I have 40 lbs of MO just chilling.
  14. DanaDana

    All grain issue or yeast?

    I am new to the AG forefront, previously I have always been a PM guy until my last 3 batches. On my first bacth, except for all of my equipment failing the beer fcame out great. On my second beer I believe I oversparged and had a very low OG, but I turned my red into a scottish 60 (bonus!)...